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Thread: How much growing do puppies do after 7 months?

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    How much growing do puppies do after 7 months?

    I'm just curious, haven't had a puppy in a while and I've never had a dalmatian pup before.

    My Scout is 7 months old and weighs 40 lbs even. He's almost as tall as Odie, but not as "filled out". At 4 years old, Odie weighs about 48 lbs. I'm thinking Scout is going to be substantially bigger -- Odie is on the small end for dalmatians anyway.

    Opinions? Guesses?

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    Generally, from 6 months to a year they gain about 20-30% of their current body weight. Thats just a very general formula though.
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    I agree with Aly, but it does tend to depend on the breed. Danes and Mastiffs and other large breeds actually grow for 18 months to 2 years. But for a Dal I would guess that he's near full growth in height and will fill in probably near 15 more pounds maybe...or not!! lol

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    In Goldens, they are usually at there grown height at 9 months of age and about 90% of their adult weight. They will still fill out though up to about 18 months. Females are not as noticable as the males.

    I am not sure about dalmations though but would think it is very similar.

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