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Thread: Sweet Akita TO BE PTS 7/15/02..HELP!!! URGENT!!!!

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    Sweet Akita TO BE PTS 7/15/02..HELP!!! URGENT!!!!

    I just got emailed today about an Akita in New Jersey in Double Urgent NEED!!! Sadie is a 4yr female Akita who lost her master in the 9-11 WTC disaster. His wife had Sadie kenneled 3 months ago and has since decided to have Sadie put to sleep on MONDAY 7/15/02 unless interest is shown in her. She has lived with a male Akita and the husband, wife and a child before the tragedy happened. As all other rescue, I am full and cannot take her (however I could hold her a week or two max if she definitely had a place to go afterward). If anyone knows someone who can save this poor girl's life, please email me ASAP. Thanks again!

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    Have you done a search on Akita Rescue. I don't know if one exists but this would be the first route to check. Good Luck saving this poor girls life.

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    That is so sad, that dog has already had so much sadness to deal with, bless it's little heart.

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