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Thread: Can cats see ghosts?

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    Definitely!!! Animals are VERY into the paranormal. They can see things we don't. I know that RB MooShoo and Mollie Rose are with me. I'll feel a slight "brush" against me all the time. I don't dismiss it.

    Animals also have a sense when a Sunami, or other natural disasters are impending. So yes, I believe it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moosmom View Post
    Animals also have a sense when a Tsunami, or other natural disasters are impending. So yes, I believe it.
    I totally agree with you! I heard from somebody that once an earthquake or some volcano was going to erupt in winters, and so, there was a town near that volcano and there were lots of pigs, etc. there. In the middle of winters, the hibernating snakes came out in the open, froze to death, the pigs started chewing on their tails and the ants starting climbing out of their bills. This thread is so creepy, its making me cry...

    I feel stupid crying over this thread but, some stories are so creepy!! I feel so scared over those creepy stories!!

    I have heard that little kids and animals see things we can't. And, animals can see some future maybe, or something like that, like they know when somebody will die and know something in the future at times too...Its creepy...
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    Yes, I believe they can. I have seen my RB, Benny, the same day we put him to sleep. He came by and visited me by laying next to me by the computer. I could have SWORN I saw him, in the corner of my eye, just laying down and just being content as he could be, and as soon as I turned my head to look at him, he was gone. My other experience, my grandfather visited me the next night after he passed on. He was checking on me, and letting me know he was going to be OK and he's happy now. I still tear up every time I think about that, because I had such a close relationship with him. It's been almost three years.
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    Seeing Ghosts

    Having grown up in a family with several "Psychics or Sensitives or Mediums" for a lack of any better description, and being one myself since a very young age. I learned things from my Grandma many things. We ALL can see spirits or angels of loved ones that have passed over, and even pets that have passed over. We're just so saturated with external noise and interference that most of us just don't notice these things. Animals are very sensitive to these energies that most people don't notice. Cat and Dogs are more "In Tune" to the energy and life forces that connect us all together.

    My Grandma taught me that our cats and dogs are what she called "Half In & Half Out" meaning half in our normal physical realm, and half in the spiritual realm, and we should always pay attention to their reactions to the energies they react to. If your kitty is responding in a negative manner to something, you have to DEMAND the negative energy or spirit to leave, they have NO POWER over this realm, and if you believe in God or some higher power you invoke that power over them to leave and believe 100% in that power.

    In my household my 4 cats all "see" things, as do I. usually my passed over pets, or relatives, all positive energies, and they respond in a positive manner, sometimes even acting like they are playing with them. It's an incredible experience to see them do this. There are just so many things that we can't explain in this world, but we should NEVER fear the unknown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csanchezveloso View Post
    Hi Everyone! I had a crazy experience with my little girl kitty last night and wanted to know if anyone has similar experiences.
    We had a regular Monday-I came home from work, fed them, played with them, then went to the gym. I came home and all was well. After my shower, I noticed my little girl was acting very odd. She was hiding and running away from me-she's usually at my side like my little shadow-so this was very very odd.
    After a while, I inched up next to her, trying not to spook her with any loud noises but she still ran away. When i was finally able to get about arms length away from her she was so focused on something over my shoulder. There was nothing there... but whatever she was 'seeing' clearly had her very very spooked. She spent most of the night under the dining room table and then later that night (at around 2am) I woke up and realized she was under the bed awake. She usually sleeps with me on the bed and is out like a light.

    Any thoughts? Similar stories??

    This morning she was still acting a little off and wouldn't really let me hold her or be near her....
    I had just lost a cat and then got a new kitten and I was wandering if my deceased cat Gus would approve of my kitten Tigger. Will one day Tigger was on my lap. He turned his head toward the porch door as his hair and my hair raised up on our backs. There was my deceased cat Gus appearing like a photo negative smiling at us and then walked through the porch door. My sister thought I was crazy but 2 weeks later she saw Gus at the porch door with Tigger. There are ghosts. It WAS VERY cool.

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    One time I was leaving my bathroom and I saw my cat acting very weird, I went back to sleep and got up to pee again a few hours later, I had dreamt of seeing my dead dog, when I left the bathroom, I saw my dead dog, standing in the same place As he was in the dream, and my cat was could see it too, as he was standing very still, he had his big eyes on and his fur was standing up !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNiblik View Post
    Okay... Well how about our lost friends coming back to see us??? When my girlfriend's ancient pooch Teysha died, she swore she could hear her claws on the kitchen tile late at night. I thought that maybe she was just missing her beloved pet until I stayed in her house one night and heard it myself! Do you guys think that sometimes our pets might not go too far after they cross the "rainbow bridge"?
    Oh u remind me of when our Boston terrier "Frankie" passed away. It had only been a few days since he died, and I heard scratching at the front door. I was sitting quietly with my big kitty Wendell. Frankie always scratched at the door when he needed back in. (Fenced yard of course). Well, in my mind - and knowing Frankie was gone, I figured I was just imagining it, when I saw my big kitty lift his head from sleep and look straight at the front door! Then I knew I wasn't imagining the scratching sound! I truly do believe that there is something to this....

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    Things have been quiet for a while here. Haven't heard from Chessie since this past April. Either he's moved on to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us, or we just haven't sensed him.

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