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Thread: Message machine!

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    I didn't record my own & so it's whatever AT&T says for voicemail.
    (i've never actually heard it)
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  2. When I am recruiting for clients I call people who have sent in their resume and phone number. If the answering machine message says something like "hey dude..out surfing right now man..." (I have actually heard that...) I do not leave a message or call back.

    So if you are looking for a job...or for any reason will be receiving professional calls...make sure you answering machine message sounds "grown up" and let's the caller know who they have reached.

    I am also hesitant to leave a message if if I do not hear at least a first name that matches the resume.

    You can always change it back once you are employed!

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    Mine is "you've reached the *last name* family, please leave a message after the tone." BEEP!

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    It's now..

    You've reached Briana's cell phone at ********* I am unavailable to come to the phone right now because I'm obviously not here. I'm probably off doing some thing that has to do with pirates, so leave a message nad I'll call you back.
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    Mine is pretty simple.

    "Hey! Just leave me a message."

    I needed something quick and I hate hearing my own voice.LOL
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    my cell phone one is pre-made, the most I was allowed to add was my name lol my current phone hasent got an option for anything else. my home phone machine is just the pre-recorded message, my dad was always the goofy one, I cant bring muself to add anything stupid, or I feel like an idiot lol and even if my cell had an option for my own entire message I wouldent use it, I despise talking to a machine, I have an incredably difficult time even leaving messages for people.
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    I don't have a cell but I think the house phone just has something like "You've reached the *last name*, please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible". It's something like that anyway.

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    Ours is whatever came with the machine. I think it says something like "Please leave a message after the tone."

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    My daughter changed it but it used to be this

    Hello you have reached our summer home
    Some are home and some are not
    Please leave a message.
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    My cellphone is a song. I don't know who sings it but I think it's called "that's amore". lol Alo of people get really annoyed by it, so that's basically why I never change it, plus I don't know how.

    My house is you have reach the ______ family, please leave a message after the tone. My parents won't let me change it lol.

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