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Thread: breathing machine

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    breathing machine

    Sunday night I have another session with the sleep apnea people. This time I believe I'll be fitted with an oxygen mask to find out what kind is best for me. The last time in the hospital I had the one that went into the nose, but I have a thick moustache and it kept falling out. I thought maybe I might have had to shave the 'stache, but I managed. Can any apnea person give me an idea?

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    my mother-in-law has one of those machines. She went through a few types of masks before she found one that fit well and was comfortable. She doesn't have a mustache though, LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by aTailOf2Kitties View Post
    She doesn't have a mustache though, LOL
    *Snort.* My friend's MIL DOES! And a beard too!

    Anyway ... back to topic at hand ...

    My husband will be getting his machine in a short while, I hope and pray!! He did the overnight stay in the sleep clinic on the 1st. Then I'll let you know.
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    My husband has had one for about seven years. He believes it has saved his life.

    My sister also uses one.

    My husband uses what are called "nose pillows." He tried the mask and did not like it. He could not get a good seal or comfort with the mask.

    My sister uses the mask.

    You may find you need to try different pillows - neck support or the like to get comfortable sleeping with it.

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