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Thread: I am such a mommy!!!

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    I am such a mommy!!!

    So, I'm sitting here at work with my iPod blasting. (Trying to drown out the BS that's going on here).

    I've got my "Purchased" playlist going, enjoying myself (while on PT ). Song after song comes on, I'm bopping around in my chair, singing, etc. Then halfway through, I realized that the music I'm enjoying is Hugito's!

    Dan Zane, Choo Choo Soul, Doodlebops, etc.

    I'm having such a good time though! What's next? Cloth diapers? lol

    Pointless thread, but I thought I'd share.


    "Ladies, we need to stop comparing men to dogs. Dogs are loyal!" Wanda Sykes

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    Lights, Camera ACTION, welcome to my tv show....I sing that song all the time and Jonah is no where near me.

    Little Brown Ant (another Wiggles 'hit') is another fave of mine. If it makes him happy, it makes me happy!

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    hehehe... Chad does that often... It was worse when Gwyneith was around, He still watches the cartoons & Spongebob is everywhere... He's completely inlove with Spongebob He gets to spend the week with Gwyenith so I know I'm going to have to put up with more baby cartoons & song singing lol Gwyneith isn't Chad's kid, but might as well be. He was there for the whole pregnancy & was the nanny for most of her 2yrs. Chad is listed as the father incase of emergency & so he can get all privlidges when needed.

    I don't completely understand this singing thing, but will one day :P

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    All I have to say to that is...:
    "La la la la, la la la la, Elmo's World, la la la la, la la la la, Elmo's World! Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayon too! That's Elmo's world!!! do do do do do do do"

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    They call them childrens shows but we know who REALLY enjoys them the most LOL.

    Our child isn't even born yet but rest assured I can keep up with all our friends who have kids on the tv shows and the characters LOL

    R.I.P my dear Sweet Teddy. You will be missed forever. We love you.

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    Bet you got some funny looks from all of your co-workers if they did not join in that is.

    My neighbour knows the whole of the Barney story and the songs from it, she also knows all of the other cartoons and characters and worse still from nearly a mile down the road I can hear her on a clear day as she belts out the best of the cartoon classics - honestly she loves them more than the kids.

    She also loves the old t.v. programe Green Acres and belts that out at will singing Greenacres is the place to be and so on......

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