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Thread: Bad Mommy, or Good Mommy?

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    Bad Mommy, or Good Mommy?

    Yesterday (5/2) my precious son turned 4 months old. As I've done in the past, I'd like to share some pictures and 1 video of the last month with you.

    I love it when he sleeps like this. I could watch him sleep for hours!

    He went to a White Sox game a few weeks ago. He couldn't go without being in his Sox garb!

    Then we had to take pictures of him in his easter bunny suit!

    Then his easter outfit!

    Mr. Cool Baby.

    And yesterday...

    He has his 4 month well baby visit next Monday, (5/8) In this video, we just bought him a "big boy" car seat because we feel his car seat is quickly becoming too small. It's meant for the first year, or up to 20 lbs. He already wears 6-9 month clothes. They aren't big for him either! And he's just heavy. In the video he is trying it out for the first time and I can't tell if he's singing my praises or telling me to stick the seat where the sun don't shine! lol. What do you think?

    Thanks for letting me share!


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    His Easter outfit is hysterical - he looks ready for the golf course!

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    OH MY GOSH! He is SO adorable! LOL.. I think he's just singing praises.
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    Oh my! *swoon* A lady killer at just 4 months old! *swoon*

    Thats just too, too cute! *giggle*

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    Your little boy is just gorgeous.

    We called that sleeping position the "stick-em up" pose and Mimi slept that way until she was about 10-11 months old. It didn't matter how we put her down in the crib, within 10 minutes she'd be on her back with her arms up just like Hugo. Now she sleeps like a turtle, on her stomach with her feet tucked up underneath her.

    Unless you're pediatrician tells you to worry about Hugo's size, don't. Some babies are just bigger than others. Mimi is a very light baby but she's incredibly long. The only reason she's in 18 months clothes now is because she's too long/tall for her 12 months anymore. She's at least 5lbs too light for them, according to the tags.
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    Too cute - love the Easter outfit.

    And in the video, Aidan does that and it's so funny. I think they just do it to hear themselves. Sometimes when Aidan gets really loud, he surprises himself and looks at me with his eyes all wide... it's so funny. I can't imagine the cacaphony that would ensue if we were to get our little boys together!!!

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    He's so cute! I love the bunny outfit pictures. He's adorable.

    Like Maresche said, don't worry about his size. My best friends little girl was in the 90 percentile range. At a year she was wearing 18 months, at 18 months she was wearing 24 months-2t.
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    He is adorable! VERY adorable!!

    As for his size? Eh..not to worry. Jones was superbig (off the charts) up to about 9 months, I think. Now? He is a slimmy in the weight- 40% and 90% in height. I bought a 'convertible' car seat. He went into it about 5 months, if I remember right.

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    I love the Winnie The Pooh outfit that is just too cute!!!What a precious baby boy you have there!!!
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    OMGosh, he is just too cute for his own good. I love his Easter outfit, and I love the video. He is definitely going to like his new seat, he will be able to see lots more of what is going on around him, and he certainly appears to be very very alert.

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Wow, so many different "looks" for one baby! He goes from adorable to sporty to dapper to cool and back to adorable!

    The one in the Easter outfit (not the bunny suit), if it wasn't for the little bunny on his shirt, he'd look like he belongs on the golf course.
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    Oh gosh, what an adorable little boy Hugito is!! I love all his outfits, he is a perfect model!!

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    What a perfect little boy. I love all of his outfits.

    When he is about 16 and you pull out his Easter Bunny picture to show his girlfriend - beware

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    He's adorable.
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    He is so, so adorable! What great outfits he has. Oh, how I wish I could hold him.

    Thank you Kay for the beautiful sig!

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