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Thread: Paypal and others?

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    Paypal and others?

    Anyone know of any other way to recieve money "online" besides paypal?

    I want to take some commissions, but no one wants to snail mail money. It would be easier to use paypal, but I honestly don't trust it. I've heard a lot of bad things. I will use it for paying other people, but I refuse to give them my bank info.

    Any ideas?

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    Well - depending on how well you know the people, they could deposit directly to your bank account.

    All you have to do is give them your name and branch.

    The branch will do the rest. Believe me - a bank never refuses money! I did this with my mom once.

    Another option: If there is someone who has a business, and you REALLY trust them, and their customers pay by credit card, see if you can process their credit cards on the system the person you know has.

    Or - insist on cheques or cash. Many folks still do.
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    I love Paypal! I've had it for many years and have never had a problem. I've used it for most of my auctions on Ebay since I started there about 4 or so years ago. I wish more people used it. There's also that lets you send money orders online.

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    I don't know these people really...

    I wish I could get money on paypal without giving them bank if they stored it there and I could just use it to buy stuff

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    We use Paypal for our online business, and there has been no problem with them having our account information. You could set up a separate bank account just for receiving transfers from Paypal, if you are that uncomfortable with it. I would love to hear, though, if anyone has used any other services for this besides Paypal.

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    PayPal DOES store money - in YOUR bank account! I wouldn't want mine with PayPal itself!

    You might want to talk to someone at your bank about your concerns. In our current electronic computer age, your bank info is in a lot of areas, secured like PayPal.

    Good luck
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    I've had paypal for several years and never had any problems. I do have a separate bank account to transfer my paypal money into though, not my regular accounts.

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    I love paypal, use it regularly for all sorts of transactions. I have never had problems with it myself.

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    I use PayPal and don't know how I lived without it.
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    I decided to set up a new account and try it out. Thanks

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    I have had paypal for years, and it has never given me any problems! It makes life so easy when ordering online, and selling!

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