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Thread: Cat excessively drinking water.. seems lethargic

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    ANy blood work results yet??
    Nine is Fine!!

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    If it should be kidney failure (and that is what I was afraid of when I heard the symptoms) it must not be the end.
    She'll get sub-q fluids and this may make her act healthy for quite a long time to come.

    There are excellent websites for that.

    If you have blood results there are many people here who have experience with it.

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    It's not kidney failure! We're waiting to see if its FIV, which I and the Vet doubt. The antibiotic the vet gave us is in an eyedropper, we have to give her one dropper full daily.. which is a task in itself, she spits it everywhere. Is there an easy way to get this to her? We could put it in her food, but she shares a bowl with her sister.

    She seems ALOT better since we started giving her the antibiotics.

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    I've had cats for the last 40+ years... some are just hard to get the medicine in, but what works best for me is to sit the cat on my lap or on a table. If the cat is really uncooperative wrapping the cat in a towel (sort of swathed like a big bib and the towel help tight so that front claws can't be used. Then open the cat's mouth by pressing firmly against the back hinge of the jaw. Quickly put the eyedropped behind the back teeth and squirt it in.... It takes practice. The plus side is that even if they spit it out, they do get most of it when they wash their fur in disgust at what was done....

    Sometimes vets can perscribe the drugs for cats in a cream form that can be rubbed into the skin of the ears... but not everything can be made like that.

    I am glad she is improving. I would let her have the odd foods she craves. Animals often know what they need and as long as it isn't something harmful I would let her have it. (My bunny was recently very ill with constipation and craved Pringles...It was the only thing he would eat without being coaxed/forced... Whether it was the grease or the salt, I don't know. I did what the vet said too of course, but for about two weeks Henly threw things if he didn't get a couple Pringles at night. He stopped wanting them and if fine now...)

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    I'm glad you're taking her to the vet tomorrow cuz the wknd may be too late. Please keep us posted.


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    I am so glad to hear the antibiotics kick in. I am not a specialist for pilling cats. If you read the thread about Starr who is very difficult to pill you may get some ideas.

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