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Thread: Drinking Water Until What Time?

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    Drinking Water Until What Time?

    Hi All,

    Just you limit how much water your dog(s) drink in the evening? We don't but I've read where people have their dogs stop drinking after say 8:00 p.m. -- What do you do?

    Thanks everyone!

    Tricia (Zoey & Ezzie)

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    Personally I never take water away from my dogs. Not even pups but thats me. I train, prevent & deal w/ accidents rather than worry about dehydration & unhealthiness.

    May I ask if this is what you are doing or are planning on doing? & why?
    But if that is what you want to do it would depend on the individual dogs breed & personality, the weather conditions & the dogs & persons schedule.
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    No, we don't do this. Our two dogs drink all they want. I've just seen some posts on other sites where people have said they stop giving their dogs water by a certain time in the evening. I was just a curious...

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    My dogs drink two of those pet water containers a day. Sometimes three or four when it's really hot out.
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    I've read that dogs should have their water taken away at a certain time. I think that's a horrible thing to do. Kai doesn't have food sitting all day so he may go a bit hungry but the water is left so he can satisfy himself. Also, Kai is potty trained and gets taken out right before bed so too much water before bed isn't an issue. Also, dogs can last a while without food but water is essential. Lastly, Kai has ALOT of fur and especially since it's summer time now, he may feel the need for a drink during the night to keep him cool. All in all...i think it's a bad idea to take water away at any time.

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    We don't take her water away during the night, just in case she gets really thirsty in the night. And now with the hot summer weather coming on she can get dehydrated really easily.
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    Mickey's water gets taken away by 9. We (well my parents) go to bed by midnight. If they see he needs some water (he'll walk over to the bowls or where they're supposed to be) and stay there. Then that means he wants water and then he'll get some. I know it might sound cruel but he adjusted to it well so it's all good. My mom told me about this lady she met the the vet who gave her dog one bowl of water a day. The dog "learned" how to have only a certain amount of water so that by the time its finished, he won't want anymore. Now that's just cruel.

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    Nope, mine have fresh water all the time.

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    Simba and Nala ALWAYS have fresh water available. We let them out befor we go to bed, for no accidents at night.

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    Mine always have fresh water, however at night they sleep in our room, and there's not a dish in there, so I suppose technically they're shut off then, but not until they are ready for bed.
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    I don't have my puppy yet, but being a giant breed (greater swiss mountain dog), susceptible to is recommened that the water bowl be brought up after dinner time...too much gobbling down of food and then gulping down water can add to the bloat issue ( i am guessing a lot of air intake with drinking the water and an already full tummy)...we havent discussed this with our vet yet ( dont have our puppy yet), and havent asked the breeder what his thoughts are, but this is what i have read up on...i am thinking that it could be given back later in the evening, after the food is digested...but i am not sure...we shall see.


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    our dogs NEVER go without water

    unless going in for surgery the next day and have been told by the vet not to give water after bed time.

    if the water bowls happen to be empty penny (JRT X) will scratch the inside of the water bowl to ask for more
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    My dogs always have fresh water available. Rosie, the 10 yr. old Rottweiler always has her OWN bowl right next to her at all times, with fresh water, because it's very difficult for her to get around these days.
    The other three have two bowls to drink out of.

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    We always have fresh water available for them.

    If not, they wake us up in the middle of the night

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    Fresh water is available at all times here.......

    Even in the middle of the night. I guess that's not a good idea, but I've never had a problem. Nebo sleeps in a kennel in my room at night. I noticed in the mornings when I'd let him out the first thing he'd do is go to the water and drink like crazy. So I attached a water bottle to his crate. It gets pretty hot in my room sometimes, and he seems much happier with the water. He always goes potty first thing in the morning, and never goes in his crate.

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