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Thread: My dog is losing hair around her eyes!

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    My dog is losing hair around her eyes!

    My 16month old dog Jasmine, has recently started losing hair around her eyes. She doesn't go out much and has recently had an ear infection which has now cleared. Does any one have any ideas what this could be?

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    Make an appointment with your vet soon. Make sure to take your food/treat lables and any shampoos you use with you to your vet, as he/she may ask about those things then you'll already have them.

    Hair loss can be caused by a large number of things; ringworm, fleas, staph infection, mites, allergies, thyroid problems, mange, etc.

    Only your vet will be able to tell with an examination (and possibly: skin scrapings, looking at your dog with a special light, blood work) what is causing the hair loss on your particular dog.

    I wouldn't wait though, skin problems tend to get kinda nasty if you don't get them taken care of right away, and some of them can be contagious to humans. Call your vet for an appointment.

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    Thanks for your reply.

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    I totally agree to take him to the vet. But on another note my chihuahua had a similar issue he was loosing hair on his back left hind leg. In my case it ended up being the food I had him on. So I switched him to an all natural one and within weeks all his hair was back. I'll give you the link just incase your curious. Hope it turns out to be something simple like that and nothing too serious. Keep us posted and in the meantime I will keep you and your little one in my thoughts.http://

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    Thanks, I hope it's something simple, i will take her to the vets as soon as possible (not the best time with xmas and new year!)

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    My Tucker is prone to ear infections and also developed a discharge from his eyes. It was the discharge that took the hair off where it dripped. After many visits to the vet and treating of the eyes, the vet recommended changing his food to one made from Kangaroo meat, to which Tucker would unlikely be allergic. He has been on it ever since and that has really helped keep the eye discharge at bay and no more loss of hair around the eyes.

    Hannah and he got some treats for Christmas and I've given him some. I hope I haven't created a problem because with these food allergies you definitely have to limit what you give the dog to just their special diet. Normally Tucker gets a small amount of his dog food when Hannah gets a treat.
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