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Thread: my cat is losing her hair!

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    my cat is losing her hair!

    I was viewing other people with cats that had the same problem..she is constantly licking herself..i mean all the time.!

    I do not undertand how this could happen because if she had an allergey wouldnt my other cats have the same thing? I have two other cats that do not clean themselves that much and they are fine.

    The do sleep toghether most of the time so if it was fleas then they all would have it..

    She is my favorite and i take her places like to motels and vacations...and i leave the other two at home.She loves to travel and is most hapiest when she is just with me and not the others ..shge gets very affectionate with

    any suggestions?

    I have done alot of traveling this past year and now i am broke..due to the lovely economy i lost my im kinda strapped for $$ to take her to the et right now .

    i no i shoulda saved for that rainy day im kicking myself now.
    But she was fine last year!

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    she has lost all hair on belly

    and is starting to lose it from belly towards back! her hindlegs to are getting!

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    It sounds like from your description that she is over grooming herself. My sister has a cat that does that and as a result of the excessive grooming she has thin spots of hair on her back. Many times it is caused by stress. My sister just moved into a new place and moved the kitty inside exclusively. The kitty's hair loss increased significantly. She was also being picked on my their other cat that was also now confined to being inside at the new place. You mentioned that she is always licking herself and that she is happiest when she isn't around the other cats. Could you perhaps keep her separate from them, like in her own room or something so that she wouldn't have as much stress? There are medications, both by mouth and some by air that help calm kitties also. You mentioned that you didn't think it was allergies because your other cats didn't have the problem. Not all cats are allergic to the same thing, just as two humans in the same household don't often have the same allergies. I'm just taking a guess about the over grooming being the problem, I'm sure a vet visit would be more helpful in diagnosing her condition. I do understand the limit in funds at the moment too though. Perhaps you could try separating her and see if things improve.

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    I have a cat w/allergies and, unfortunately, we have yet to determine what she's allergic to. None of my other cats have this problem so it isn't unusual for one to have allergies and the others not. She lost a lot of hair w/the constant licking but now she's on Prednisolone and the hair loss has stopped as well as the itching.

    Take your cat to the vet now because if she does have an allergy, the itching can be maddening for her. My vet said it's like having poison ivy. Don't put your cat through that.

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    The cat could also have a urinary tract infection. You need to take the cat to a vet. Work out a payment plan or borrow the money. It's important!

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    Please have kitty checked out for food allergies!!

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    Yes, and allergies would not necessarily be shared by the other cats. They are specific to the individual.
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    thanks to all that answered me

    ok i guess i will need to take here to the pretty sure it is overgrooming.

    .i am relieved that its just that but i will get her to the vet this month.i didn t even notice it until my son came home one day and he noticed coz he doesnt live with me. and i see her everyday!

    thanks so much for your suggestions...ill keep everyone posted and post a pic of her....

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