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Thread: Need girl baby names..

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    Need girl baby names..

    My friend, Marla, is due for a baby girl soon. Due in the middle of January actually, but likely to have it early -- the baby dropped about a month ago and she's been feeling like she isn't going to last much longer.

    She already has two boys, Brennan and Bryce, and for five years has planned on having a girl and naming her Breanna, but her husband absolutely refuses. She just can't find a signle name she likes. She thought about Ariel for a while but changed her mind. Mike came up with Arianna, Olive, and Kyra, and she hates those. She's being very picky lol.

    She wants something unique but not crazy -- she said besides Breanna there is nothing she will name her baby that you can find on a pen.

    I've given her every different name I can think of and she hates them all. Any name ideas are appreciated!
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    The name we were probably going to name our baby, had it been a girl, was Lilla.
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    I like feminine names, but, I also like really boyish names, too. I know a few girls named Michael. Anyway, I like these...


    Those are all I can think of at the moment...Are they Irish or Italian or does heritage have no bearing on what they'll name their daughter? Do they have any meanings that they want out of a name or anything like that? Be sure to keep us posted on what they choose.
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    They could sorta combine their names (Mike and Marla) and name her Micah or Mika. Micah is a boy's name, but I once knew a girl named that(spelled Mica) and she got a lot of compliments on it. Not totally outlandish, but fairly distinct. Dunno, just popped into my head...

    Breanna is a feminine name based on a masculine name (it originated as a form of Brian, according to most sources) so Micah may have kind of the same vibe for her... plus all the Mikayla/Makenna/McKenzie names are pretty hot names for girls right now, so Micah would sort of let her fit in, without having to share her name with a lot of classmates.

    Well, I've half talked myself into Micah, lol, you'll have to let me know what she thinks.

    Any more tips you can give us on what she might be interested in would help. I love studying name meanings and origins, so I'd be glad to make suggestions. Keep us all posted on if she likes any of our ideas.

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    Anika ?

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    My niece is expecting a baby, so I've been thinking a lot about possible names. Here are a few I like

    Bethany (if she wants something starting with a B)
    Donna (sort of retro)
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    Brittney ?

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    Shhh it's a secret;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfsoul
    She wants something unique but not crazy -- she said besides Breanna there is nothing she will name her baby that you can find on a pen.
    Jeez ~ Has it come down to that? Names you can find on a pen? That's an important consideration?

    If she likes Breanna, she could make that her middle name. Sometime kids choose to be called by their middle name. My mom's name is Catheryne Berniece. Catheryne is a beautiful name, but the family insisted in calling her Berniece.

    I have a friend named Anastasia. They call her Sia (pronounced Seea) for short. Another friend is Tatiana (seems like I have a lot of Russian friends).

    My sister was going to be named Bronwyn, but Mom changed that to Carmen. Does she like those names?

    We've got an Ariel and an Anna and an Amy and a Ryan (girl) and a Koa (hawaiian) in the family. None of them are named what their parents originally picked out. They all changed the name once they saw the baby.
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    If he doesn't like Breanna, what about my name Breanne? JK

    My favorite names for girls are Madison(which is becoming popular), and Kendra. I know I am not much help.
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    Thanks everyone, I will give her the suggestions. I already asked about making the middle name Breanna and just calling her that, but she says that would be sneaky and malicious...Since Mike hates the "Br" theme and does not want to continue it.

    She doesn't have any particular "meanings" or anything in mind, but she likes Gaelic names, and apparently Brennan and Bryce are Gaelic though I could onl yfind them uner English names on . She says she's going to look through Lord of the Rings and see if she can find anything she likes out of there. She likes Eowyn but it's too hard to say, and Arwyn is our boss' puppy's name.

    These are the names I suggested to her the other day: Shane, Ariella, Shada, Kess, Eden, Trista, Carmen, Cayter, Kenna, Avalon, Rachelle, Raquel, Evee, Alexis, Annika, Rhianna, Rhiannon, Caeden, Koreen, Rayne, Roslyn, Sable, Rylan, Summer, Sierra, Kydah, Lily, Leila, Cori, Liana, Renee, Souraya, Surae, D'nae, Alisa, Caira, Mylah, Holly, Lorelai, Candace, Kendall, Kaylin...

    Her mom suggested Elizabeth which is her mom's original name, and Sarreny which is her mom's monk name. She also suggested Dea (Day-uh) which means Goddess (I'm sure you ex-hippies know this ), and Marla would have considered it if they hadn't had a big fat doberman named Dea when she was a kid. Dea is also in her kennel name so it would have been nice.

    Mike wants Olive which is his late grandmother's name, and none of us like that one -- way too old-fashioned. We all like Olivia, but we have two shih tzus that come into the shop named Olivia and Marla says she will be reminded of a shih tzu every time she says it lol.

    I will give her the name suggestions, hopefully there will be something she likes! She's quite picky about everything.
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    What about Isolde?
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    I actually like the suggestion of Elizabeth. It may be common, but more in a classic way, not in a trendy way. Plus, no matter what her little girl is like Elizabeth has a nickname that suits pretty much any personality. If you name your kid Elizabeth, you let her choose being Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzie, Beth, Liza, Eliza, El, Ellie, Libby, Bizzie, Betty, or any of the other nicknames she likes.

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    Here is a list of gaelic names.

    Kyla-scottish gaelic.

    Kiera- Irish

    Kaylee- Irish or Cayleigh

    Chevonne-Irish. or Shavonne



    Shannah- Irish.


    Just a few.
    Other names

    Katelynn or Caitlynn or caitlinn.


    Aislinn-gaelic name.

    Anyhow hope she finds the perfect name they both like for their wee girl. p.s I think one should be very picky when it comes to naming your child.
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    I like Makenzie.
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