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Thread: UPDATE!! PUPPIES!! -- The puppies have dropped

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    Congratulations Visa and Jordan!! I think Solo is such a cool name for the little guy. Can't wait to see pics of him!!

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    Aw, poor Visa. Only one puppy for Jordan to play with.

    But I love the name! The show name is really nice, too.

    Where are our pictures?

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    Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures of Solo!


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    Thanks everyone, I took some pictures of Solo, I just have to upload and resize them. He is a major cutie patootie, I just love him. He' so black and shiny and such a whiner. I don't remember Kelly's puppies being so noisy and active at this age. He's crawling around the kennel like a madman making little "merrr merrr" noises. Singletons really are tough, Visa has a bloody panic attack when you walk away with the puppy and if you take him she will stare at you. When there are more puppies the mom won't even notice. He also gets cleaned SO much, she won't leave him alone for two seconds. Not to mention he's fat LOL. He's average size, 12 ounces at birth which is very normal, but he's already gained an ounce since lastnight. He's adorable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Corinna
    Jordan does a local shelter have momless pups you could foster that would solve a problem for 2 pups.
    I thought the exact same thing! The SPCA doesn't have anything but I'm going to ask around and see what I can find.

    So I've decided that instead of Dillon I may breed her to Loki first and then Dillon the year after (depending on Loki's temperment -- right now I don't find him suited to Visa). It's just that, if she didn't absorb the puppies, it may be a fertility issue, and I'm not going to spend over $1000 mating her to Dillon when no pups will come out of it. So I may as well try her with Loki, who won't cost me any money, and if she has another small litter we will know it's an issue with her fertility and I won't go ahead with the breeding with Dillon -- it would be heartbreaking to spend over a grand and not get my next puppy out of it. Loki wouldn't be a poor match, his problems thus far are more of an environmental thing if you ask me, but he is an insecure dog and I don't want to mix that with Visa's drive. If he proves himself in the future to be a nice, secure dog (and he's already getting better) I will be comfortable. They sure as heck would be GORGEOUS pups, Loki is stunning, and his temperment is lovely, just mixed with Visa's I'm not sure yet. We'll see.

    Pictures coming up.
    I've been BOO'd!

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    Congrats Visa and Jordan! how exciting..i cant wait to see pics of solo..i bet he is absloutly gorgeous!!

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    Oh, your siggy is so adorable. Awwwwwwwwww ! The little face, and the little nose and the little... Awwwwwww ! He's just that lovable little ball of black fluff. He's gonna be a hansome one. ( comming after Visa, it would be difficult to NOT be beautiful )

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    Solo is absolutely adorable!!! I'm looking forward to more pics of the little cutie

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    Congratulations on the birth of your only child, Solo!!!!!
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    Good one! Awwwww he's ever so adorable!!
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    Oh oh oh!!! Welcome to the world little Solo! I'm sorry there was only the one pup, but I'm glad he was a fighter and made his appearance to this world! It will be so neat to watch him grow! ;-)

    **goes to check the other Visa/Solo threads posted over the weekend*


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