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Thread: UPDATE!! PUPPIES!! -- The puppies have dropped

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    This is so exciting.
    Soar high & free my sweet fur angels. I love you Nanook & Raustyk... forever & ever.

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    AGGHHH! This is killing me, the suspense! *grids teeth*

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    This is so exciting!!! I keep cheking back here ever hour or two to see if there are any updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfsoul
    She started lactating lastnight. At work today she became frantic and started pacing and finally looking for places to nest. She was not acting herself at all, she even growled at a puppy which is very outside her behaviour.
    OMG!!! less than 6 days for puppies to arrive!!!! YAY!!!...........

    totally normal behavior as she is getting motherly instincts to protect her babies, she wants no one to bother her or them......

    YAY Visa!!! i´m up for 7 babies............maybe 8...........maybe 10
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    Visa's temp is still at 100, no changes. She's having fun at Marla's. I have Jaguar now who also nurses the kitten lol.
    I've been BOO'd!

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    Oh I forget to put my guess
    hmm I'm going to say 6
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfsoul
    Thanks everyone!

    The average is 6-8 -- Marla has only had one litter outside the 6-8 range in 15 years. It was a litter of 4. Even then the dog was way bigger than Visa is -- since the puppies have dropped she doesn't even look pregnant. Marla even had to feel her yesterday to make sure she hadn't aborted them, she's so thin. I can still feel movement in there though, and the chances of feeling movement with only one puppy probably isn't huge. Small litters in Belgians isn't common at all, it'll be weird if it is a small one.
    Ahhh, okay! I hope that everything is alright! Maybe she is just having a rare occurence and having a small litter or small pups?

    I hope she has a nice, regular, litter! Just as long as they're healthy and wriggly!

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    Oh gosh I am soooo excited

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    Good luck little girl I know you'll be an awesome Mommy, with beautiful babies.

    I'm guessing 7!!

    <3 Erica, Fozz n' Gonz

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    I'm guessing 5! And they'll be born on September 5th!!

    Good luck, Vi!

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    I'm guessing 5

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    I've been lurking this thread for updates for the past few days...

    I have wanted a Belgian for as long as I can remember. Hopefully someday I'll get one!

    I'm going to guess...6.


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    I'm guessing 7, and waiting on an update ;D.
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    I hope that everything will go well and Visa will have healthy pups!

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    Any update yet? So impatient...

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