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    Who couldn't fall in love at first site, with you? Your eyes are so sweet and kind. Daisy wants you to come over and play tennis balls with her. It's been a long road for you and your person starting with that basket and your bottle feedings. Youv'e come far and done well. So congrats on your big day, dear Layla!!!
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    Hi Cutie Layla!!

    You're such a sweet little girl, Miss Layla. We love the story of how your loving, dedicated, human nursed you to good health from the young age of two weeks. What a special little girl you are. We wish we could play tennis ball with you in person. We love you Layla and offer huge congratulations on your day of honor as our wonderful DOTD!! Please have your family give you some loving kisses on that little furry facie of yours for us. Happiness always!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

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    Thanks Barry!

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    Layla, you are very beautiful! Congrats to POTD!

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    You are very cute!!!!!!!!! Enjoy those tennis balls, Sweetie!!!! Congrats on being DOTD!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!

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    Layla...You are beautiful. If you were mine I would buy you all the tennis balls you wanted. Congratulations on DOTD. I got to see you.
    Have a wonderful DOTD.
    A Dog Lover

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    Hi, Layla. You have the sweetest face! I love your pose for the picture with your front paw slightly turned out like a ballerina! I bet you get lots of hugs and kisses because you are simply too cute to resist! Enjoy your special day today. Congrats on DOTD!

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    Hello Layla,

    My, my, what a darling puppy you are sweetheart. It's easy to see
    how someone would fall in love with your sweet self.It's a real pleasure
    to meet you & offer my congratualtions on your special day of honor as
    our DOG OF THE DAY. Now, let's go find those tennis balls, o.k.?
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    LAYLA!!!! Sweet baby girl! OMG, stick a fork in me, I'm cooked You are too darned precious!!! Just look at those precious pawsies!!! So, I have a balls you want, tennis balls you got, just come on by, sweetheartSo happy to crown you our one and only, EXTRA special, MOST deserving, cute as can be DOG OF THE DAY!!! Hugs and kisses to you sweet, precious Layla! Hope you're having a fun, fab Dog of the Day celebration with your proud peeps! HUGS!!!

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    I'm so glad a wonderful home found you. In your photo, you have THE LOOK. You know the one. It's THE LOOK no human can resist. It's the one where, 'Whatever Layla wants, Layla gets' Happy DOTD to you and your Mom or Pop. Tennis balls for everyone, especially our special girl!!!
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    Congrats on being chosen DOTD, Layla! Tell your mom that tennis balls are a wonderful plaything -- inexpensive and you can always find them. I think our dog has at least 90, all over the house! When we pick them up and put them in a pail, she gets kind of anxious, then helps herself to a ball. Have fun!

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