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Thread: Warning: Meaningless thread!

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    Warning: Meaningless thread!

    Made a quaint observation the other day... when I opened the door to the fridge I suddenly noticed that all of it's contents seemed to be red of color! There was a red net around the box of peaches, red print on the carrots' plastic bag, the youghurt, cream and soy sauce all had red labels, there were 2 glass jars of homemade raspberry/rhubarb marmalade and and 1 with cherries and a bottle of ketchup, and finally pink ham, red radishes og 2 red peppers!

    I almost got spooked and for a moment there my fantasy was racing...! But I guess it all comes down to the plain and simple: Red sells, right?!

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    Haha it sure does! When I walk into a store in the mall, I quickly glance around for a red Sale sign. If there's none, I turn around and walk out.

    -thank you Poppy for the avatar.

    R.I.P. Hanson. You will never be forgotten, and we await the day to see you once again. The imprint you left on my heart will never fade - your big beautiful brown eyes, your big soggy kisses...

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    LOL, in my fridge we have a lot of green stuff, green must sell too

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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