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Thread: ***WARNING*** 2 New Tarantulas!!! ***WARNING***

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    ***WARNING*** 2 New Tarantulas!!! ***WARNING***

    1x Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi (Bolivian Dwarf) Spiderling
    It'll look like this when its bigger.. right now its a tiny tiny blur with legs lol

    1x Brachypelma Vagans (Mexican Redrump) spiderling. It's a little black spider. Bigger then the other spiderling.
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    wow!!.. pretty neat tarantulas.. I love the way they contrast.. how long till they are adult size/coloring?

    btw... did you ever got an answer on the birdeater ones
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    I fed both spiderlings a freshly killed cricket last night &I know the Redrump ate for sure as his cricket has shriveled a fair amount. Not sure if the Dwarf ate, but it is a lot smaller then the Redrump so if it did eat I more then likely wouldn't have noticed unless I saw it feeding.

    I took some pictures of the spiderlings & I'll post them in the next message as I want to change the name of the thread to give a photo warning. The pictures didn't look great on the camera, so I'm really hoping they look better on the computer. I'll post as soon as I upload them (in a few mins).

    I can't remember what she said about which, but I'm pretty sure she said the Redrump will get to a large size in about 12-18 months. She said he'll be fine in a cup until that time, where he'll need a perm home. She said both are not wandering Tarantulas & in the wild are rarely found not within a few inches of their home (cover/nets type home), so they do not need a huge tank as it wont be used by them. So a plastic pet tank is perfect for them, which I wont need for about a yr. The Dwarf is faster growing but it doesn't get very big, so it can stay in a cup for most of its life as it also wont wonder about. But I'll get him a plastic tank too, as I can't keep something in a cup, to me it'll never be their home, its mean IMO. But as spiderlings a cup is safest as I can poke tiny holes in it so they can't escape.

    Sadly no I was really hoping to hear back from him as I REALLY wanted the Birdeater *cries*... Well I now have a Tarantula Breeder who I can get just about any Tarantula from. She was really really cool to talk with & was very patient explaining many many many different species to me. So I'll most likely just go through her for future Tarantulas. She sells the spiderlings fairly cheap, but that means I wont know the sex, so it'll be a hit or miss if I get a female.. But with the price I could buy a couple of the same species & then sell the ones I don't want for a pretty penny.

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    AA Battery for size comparison.. Tiny eh?

    Redrump, its FAST, too much movement & he runs away under the newspaper (temp), but he's about double the size of the Dwarf

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