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Thread: silky terrier

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    silky terrier

    Hi, We live in Southern California and would like to purchase a silky terrier puppy. So far I was able to find a breeder but she won't have a litter for a while. Can any one help to locate more silky terrier breeders in my area? Thanks a lot for your help.


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    Hi John.

    Have you checked through the AKC? I think they have breeder listings on their website.


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    In addition to the AKC site, there is a show dog site called Infodog. This is what their breeder directory showed for the state of California on Silky Terriers:

    InfoDog's National Breeders Directory
    4 Silky Terriers breeders found in CA.

    Madera Bron, Kathleen
    Ridgecrest Gagliardi, Marge
    San Bernardino Grove, Connie
    San Jose Martin-Wojtek, DJ

    If you go to there site it links you to more info on each.

    breeder directory by state

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