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Thread: Terrier mix needs out NOW!

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    Terrier mix needs out NOW!

    Just look at this face, and then try to tell me that he is due to be PTS on 8-27!!

    This is what is written about him:

    Age: young
    Sex: male
    Breed: Terrier (Sheep Dog)
    Endangered: 08-138's Last Day Alive is 2003-08-27 09:00:00

    adorable cutie, friendly; 4 mths; 35# - I still have my baby teeth so it is estimated that I'll be about 70# or so when an adult
    That is the shelter where he is located! I wish someone could help this poor boy! He does not deserve to die! This shelter is packed... just take a look!

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    Poor, poor baby.

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    it is soo sad how their is still kill shelters in this world today *sob*, that poor pup was PTS he is no longer on the site, I wish I lived closer So I could take in a couple dogs.
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