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Thread: Diego

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    Oh Diego, you are truly one stunning persian! I'm so glad to hear about your miracle, it makes me so happy to hear how you have gotten well again I laughed when I read about your temper tantrum when being brushed too much, and when I read about how your owners swing you in the bed, I was shocked! Because when I was little, my parents would do the exact same thing to me!! Nowadays I'm too heavy for them to do it, but I sometimes do it to my cat Oliver, but he isn't too fond of it sadly.

    Congrats on being Cat Of The Day!

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    WOWWWW aren't you somethin - look at those copper eyes!!! You're simply stunning Diego. Congrats on being our fluffy Persian COTD

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    Congrats, handsome Diego!
    Have a happy day today, enjoy it, and have a long life and healthy life. Have lots of chicken today!

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    Diego, the miracle cat!! What a fighter you must be to have fought such a serious illness when you were younger. And now, to be handfed, every day!!

    You are one handsome fellow, and I can just picture you swinging in the sheets!! You are spoiled, and you deserve it! After all, you have to put up with the brushing and the other cats!!

    Congratulations, Diego, on being the Cat of the Day!

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    I don't think I've ever seen a tuxedo Persian....and not one so striking as Senor Diego! Congrats on being a lovely COTD
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    Diego, what a handsome beauty you are. I love the photos of you and I'm so glad that you overcame that terrible illness. It sounds like you are a bit of a little scamp and a lot of fun to be around. I would love to see you swinging in that sheet. Congratulations dear, sweet, stunning Diego, our Very Best Cat of the Day.

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    You're beautiful, you look like a model in these pictures... and these eyes - WOW!!!

    And it truly sounds like a miracle that you recovered from that severe illness! Luna and I wish you a long, happy and healthy life!


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    What a handsome fellow indeed. Glad to hear that you survived your serious illness. Keep healthy sweetie and congratualtions on
    being the COTD.

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    Diego, our miracle cat. Oh, how we all love to hear happy endings to serious illnesses.

    Spoiled? Nawww, you deserve all of the spoiling because you are so special.

    I wish you many more years of swinging in those sheets, sweet one.

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    What a absolutely Gorgeous kitty you are !!!
    So happy to hear that you've overcome your
    health problems and now can continue to be your
    fiesty little self.
    Congrats on your day of honor Diego
    as our CAT OF THE DAY !!!
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    What beautiful eyes you have! Sounds like you have a very full and happy life. I'm so glad you had a miracle. Congratulations, sweetie, on being our Cat of the Day today!

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    Diego, what a feisty little lovebug of beauty you are! Your eyes are gorgeous and your face is delightful. So glad that you are treasured in your wonderful forever home. Congratulations on being our precious Cat of the Day!
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    Dear Diego, you truly are a miracle kitty! And one absolutely stunning one at that. I too have never met a tuxedo Persian! All I can say is WOW! And your eyes are SO incredibly beautiful!! No wonder your mommy lavishes you with such adoration! I hope today you are treated to a big swing in the sheets, handfed all the white meat chicken your heart desires, and brushed only if you are in the mood!! Congratulations to you precious Diego, our most deserving, handsome and lovable Cat of the Day! Diego, you are mucho bueno!! Long and happy life to you sweet boy!!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Diego - The Persian American cat, clad in tuxedo. It is good that Diego survived his dread illness and that he has a loving friend who always takes the time to make certain his mouth opens and engulfs his food. I understand that certain bugs are especially good for the liver, so... go Diego, go! Get those bugs! Hunt them down and up. Don't let even one get away.

    Diego's Little Buggy Liver Pills.

    But don't eat any black widow spiders! No, no, no! Don't eat them at all. And please, avoid all tarantulas named Steve. I once knew a tarantula named Steve. We were great friends. Steve could be anywhere, now. I would hate for him to be eaten, even by Diego.

    I don't think he would taste very good, either.

    But then I am not Diego, who might in fact find Steve to be quite scrumptious.

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    Diego - Our Handsome Friend!!!

    Cathy, we almost missed Diego!!!!! I would have hated that! I just now (8pm) got to my fun sites and oh I would have hated to miss Diego! Please snuggle your beautiful boy for me and all the kids at Cat Happy! Minkly and Jasmine in particular really are proud to see him here!

    Diego, you are such a sepcial boy..congratulations on your special day. Cathy, give him a treat for us!

    Snuggles, Noserubs and Purrs from us all!

    Bari and the Pride at

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