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Thread: What race are you?

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    What race are you?

    This thread get me thinking about races.
    - Kari
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    I was going to do a thread like this a few months ago but changed my mind.

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    I posted "other" only because I was being picky. I like many New Englanders and Quebecois, am part Native American (MicMac, Miqmaq). It's a tiny part, and you'd never know it to look at me, I usually put Caucasian, cause I am a pasty-white white girl. My dad got the last remnants of his great-grandmother's coloring, his hair when he was young was the thick, glossy black, (started turning grey in his twenties) and he turns a lovely red-brown if he gets enough sun. I, alas, more inherited the Swedish and English coloring of the well-mixed gene pool - I BURN in the sun, and just get more freckles!

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    I"m mostly Dene and a tiny bit english.

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    At university in Hertfordshire, UK
    Just English and an itty bit of Welsh

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    Like 1/4-1/2 Native American, but I usually only put Caucasian. I still have tiny traces of the Cherokee from our family (dark hair, dark skin), but I'm mostly Caucasian I guess .
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    I'm Caucasian.


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    I put other because i am half american and half mexican! not that anyone can tell, my brother was the lucky one with the all-year round tan. he he he he!! my mother is lovingly referred to as casper the friendly ghost!! ha ha ha ha ha

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    I do not like the term of race. For me a race is a category in biology that is under the species (species being the category of individuals who can mate and have offspring together - so there is a species of horses, cats, Grey squirrels etc) and is defined by a breeding standard.

    Humans have differences that are partly genetic and partly cultural. For humans with a mix of these differences I prefer the term "ethnic".

    Why? Race only describes genetic differences and in general, humans are genetically very very similar. Two individuals from one "race" can have a much bigger genetic variety than the average variety between two "races".

    It all started in Africa (well it does for most contemporary scientists): In most places now, people are that much genetically mixed, that no-one can tell to what "race" they might belong. In good old Europe it is the mix of original inhabitants, Romans, Central Asians coming during the time of migrations (ca. 500 A.C.) and everything that happened in history after that.
    In the US, some Central Asians crossing the land bridge between Asia and America 35.000 years ago added to that mix coming over after 1492.

    Ethnically I'm a European, German variety

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    I voted other, since I'm italian, spanish, ukranian and south american native too!
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    I hail from South Carolina, but Texas is where I hang my hat :)
    I put Caucasian. But, I have some Cherokee in me. And, Irish, too. I'm a Heinz 57, All American mongrel for the most part, but, those are two backgrounds I've been told about.
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    I'm Caucasian. I don't think I have anyone in my background other than white people, unless it was very far back (three of my cousins have some native though). On my mom's side I'm English, Scottish, and Danish, and on my dad's side I'm Romanian, German, and Polish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy-Cat-Lover
    I'm Caucasian.
    me too.
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    I voted Caucasian, however I am part Cherokee.

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    I'm Caucasian.
    Thanks so much Ashley for the siggy!
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