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    5K Race

    This past weekend (Kentucky Derby weekend) our town had it's annual 5K Derby Dash.
    Last year we did the walk event for the first time.

    This year we did it again and hubby came it 1st in his age division with time of 43.24 (8 mins off last years times). He came in 2nd in age division last year.

    I came in 11th over all in my age group 50-59 yrs. this year, with time of 47.14 (7 mins off last years time). I came in 7th overall with the walkers in my division. There were 25 total 4 runners and 21 walkers in my age group. I didnt know where I placed last year.

    There were total of 229 participants. from ages 14 and under to 60 and over.
    We placed (hubby) 102nd place
    (me) 138th place

    Both hubby and I trained for 2 months. Walking up to 4 miles at last 3 times a week.

    Our Derby Dash was 3.2 miles
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