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    Im just wondering how many people believe in ghosts???

    I see all these shows that say they are "hunted" I don't believe it at all but its still fun to watch! But anyways some of these shows are so fake and you can tell. The only way I am going to believe in them is if I see one myself I don't think that is going to happen

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    I do beleive in ghosts. I also watch those shows But I think those people were getting in way over their heads, and shouldn't start doing all of those things to talk to the ghosts.

    My friend's house is haunted, I've never seen the ghosts that stay there but over 10 people has seen them. There is a little girl and a man figure.

    Doors have been unlocked and opened by the ghosts, things have moved and been stolen and I even think that lights have been turned on and off. The ghosts have never harmed them though.

    They think it's because where their house is, used to be a road (Now the new road is next to their house) and they found a story from decades ago that a daughter and father died in a car accident right on the road.

    They're Catholic (So am I) and they've had their house blessed many times but they won't go away. It seems like the ghosts show up right after someone goes to confession...

    Freaky stuff, dude Part of me has always wanted to see a ghost, too

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    I would love to live in a hunted house One of my life goals is to go to a hunted place I might run out like a chicken but I will get over it

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    I really don't know what to believe anymore. I have heard so many stories but I just don't know if I believe them all.

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    Most definitely yes. I've actually seen one.
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    I think that are minds and eyes play tricks on us. But that isn't saying that you didn't see what you saw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxyluvsme13
    Most definitely yes. I've actually seen one.
    Have you? Tell me more!

    I saw my Grandad walk passed my kitchen door a week after his funeral and my Dad has come back to me a few times in dreams....each time he has still been ill but much happier than before he died
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