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Thread: Lady Harvest Moon, Archangel

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    Lady Harvest Moon, Archangel

    Congratulations on being Pets of the Day
    You are so pretty and help your Mom stay calm
    Sounds like you have a really good life
    Celebrate your special day and many more

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    Absolutely adorable

    These ladies are priceless! I love that they live indoor and go to the store with you. AND they give you eggs! Enjoy these sweet dolls! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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    Love those chickens!

    What beautiful ladies! It's so sweet that they keep their owner calm through anxiety. How wonderful! I loved the picture of the chickens in the shopping cart in the paint aisle. If I saw that at Home Depot or whatever in person it would brighten my day right up.

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    Tinkerbell is without question, the most seriously delightful little darling ever!!!

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    Precious Lady Harvest Moon and Archangel

    Congratulations, Lady Harvest Moon and Archangel, on sharing POTD honors! You 2 are gorgeous! We're so glad you have a loving home and live inside with your Mommy! We loved reading all about your happy life - I'd love to meet you while shopping at the store! Sending lots of X's and O's!


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