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Firestorm the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Firestorm
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
   This is my whiteface pearl Cockatiel, and her name is Firestorm. She's eight months old, so as big as she will get! She's a stinker, LOL. She's not afraid of Archie, the conure, and will steal food from him if she's in the mood. She just recently lost her mate (long story) and is currently looking for a replacement. So it is good she has Archie and the others, even if she annoys him - typical kid sister!

     She's otherwise very shy of hands and isn't big on being handled, but she's lovable nevertheless :) She's learning how to eat from the bird feeder in the aviary. She's also living peacefully with her room mates Redshift, Mindwipe and Archie. Her favorite place to sit is on the swinging perch at the back of the aviary. I love her very much!

Firestorm the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day

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