I have finally found the food to feed our Great Dane puppy. I researched a bunch of foods and this one was recommended by a Dane breeder. She has been breeding for 33 years and feeding this to all of her dogs. She has had no cases of bloat. It is the ONLY food with selected Wellness For Life Custom Supplements...

Digestive enzymes add to the already high digestibility of our diets and reduce gas.

Yogurt cultures (probiotics/beneficial bacteria), stabilize the digestive tract, reduce or eliminate gas, diarrhea and vomiting.

Inulin, a concentrated prebiotic, supports the growth of the beneficial bacteria and enhances their benefits.

It is also the only food ever tested on Great Danes from weaning to 18 months with no reported problems. I will feel very, very safe knowing that my puppy will grow at a slow, healthy rate.

Eagle Pack

Does anyone else feed this food?