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Thread: What's so great about eagle pack

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    What's so great about eagle pack

    I got a free sample bag of eagle pack and after reading the ingredients I wonder why its recommended so often. Its a better quality food than most, I'll give it that. It has actual vegetables and three protein sources, but corn is the second ingredient, and isn't the only fat in a good dog kibble supposed to be fish oil?
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    What formula of Eagle Pack was it?

    I know I'd never purchase anything but their Holistic formulas. We get samples of the Holistic Select formulas from the natural pet food store all the time. Simba LOVES their Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal!

    I really haven't seen many people raving about it, though.

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    I fed Bailey the Large & Giant Breed formula for a month and he did okay on it. I only chose that because it's the only puppy food that has been feed tested on Great Danes. I switched him over to a RAW diet and he is doing awesome on it.


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