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Thread: Is it normal for two adult female cats to fight?

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    Is it normal for two adult female cats to fight?

    My two cats Misty and Taffy keep chasing each other morning and night and sometimes it looks like they are fighting as they wrestle with each other, paw at one another and bite too. I have found hair on the carpets due to this. I've only had Misty for a month now and Taffy I have had for two years. They are both 2 years old. Is this normal behaviour for adult cats to do or should I get rid of Misty?

    Other times they are sleeping together , sometimes licking each other. I'm concerned as it bothers me to watch it as I did adopt another female cat over a year ago for Taffy and that cat struck at her in the face so I got rid of her because she looked too aggressive.

    Is that the same way with Misty doing it to Taffy? I just want to make sure. They are both spayed. I do have a place to keep Misty away from Taffy but now Misty is used to roaming around the house. I introduced them slowly as Misty had a room in the house all to herself and I introduced Taffy to her over weeks.

    Taffy does seem depressed and not herself at times like she wants to hide from Misty and Taffy is usually a very friendly outgoing cat.
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    I have 1 male and 4 female cat's. Two of the female cat's fight as well. At first I think they are playing but then one gets rough and it escalates. I wouldn't recommend getting rid of one, just give it some more time. That's what I had to do. They are probably not really meaning each other harm and the one cat might be a little jealous with the new addition.

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    My cats did well after a week - and I knew they had to have a serious confrontation, even for a couple of minutes - to set their boundaries.

    Lost of love for your kitties and give it time - and cats can play really really rough - don't worry!

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    Thanks so much for the advise and I'll give them some more time.




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    I'd also give it more time. It just sound like they're rough housing to me and my cats do this all the time. They may also be trying to figure out which one of them will be the alpha cat and the queen of the house. Unless they get too rough, I'd just let them work this out on their own. Good luck and please keep us updated.
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    Is Misty the white tortie??? Definitely give them more time to adjust to each other. When we have introduced a new cat to our gang(we have 8 now)it has taken time for everyone to smooth out their boundaries. Give lots of HUGS, kisses, and LOVE to them both. Also, a "treat" not only food when one is nice to the other. Good luck and keep us posted please.
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    I really appreciate all the great advise and I'll definitely do what you are all saying. Misty is the grey and white Tabby and Taffy is the calico. Thanks a bunch for everything.




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    Bubba and Ebony, my two oldest males, got into it exactly one time to sort out who's who in the zoo; they now at least tolerate each other. If you're worried that it's escalating, stand by with a squirt bottle, or distract them with toys.
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    Allow Taffy out ONLY under strict supervision, in case there's blood shed.

    As Smokey the Elder said, "stand by with a squirt bottle, or distract them with toys".

    You can also put pennies in an empty soda can and if it gets "hairy", shake the can. It'll scare the crap outta them both!!

    Good luck!

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    I'm just letting them sort it out for themselves. I don't lock either cat in a room. Its the best way to go. thanks anyways.




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    I think that whenever you have more than one cat in a household, you might have fights. There is always going to be a dominant cat, as far as I can understand, and often there are ongoing fights over dominance - even in cases where the actual dominance situation never changes. They willl still fight it out - with the dominant one emphasizing that she is stilll dominant, or the underling making a play for dominance. It's just normal cat stuff. I have also read in books by cat experts that it is much better not to interfere with cat dominance wars. They will have to sort things out by themselves. Obviously, if someone is really getting hurt, you will have to intervene somehow - but fortunately, I have not had to deal with that situation. Mine seem to haggle and bite and wrestle and chase sometimes, but mostly they step around each other and let things be.

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