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    My name is Sue, I am 30 and live in upstate NY. I share my heart & home with a variety of critters & wouldn't have it any other way.

    Nanook, my 15.5 year old Shep mix who is the love of my life:

    Then there is Raustyk, my 8 year old Rott who is my baby girl:

    And last of the ruppers but not least, Kaige, my almost 9 month old Aussie pup. He's the only one who is not a rescue & the first puppy I ever had for my own. (the other puppies were fosters) He's my crazy man:

    Meko is my 2 year old Main Coon (?) mix who I rescued from a woodpile when she her mother was taken away at only 3 weeks of age. She was a WILD child but has turned into an absolute love bug. I call her my dog-cat:

    Tiki my 10 month old tabby who a friend (& I helped a little) rescued from an empty aparment building when he was about 8-10 weeks. He stayed at my friends house until I just had to have him, which was about 11-12 weeks of age. He sure is a clown. With Kaige & him around there is never a dull moment:

    I have 4 ferrets who are just a joy to be around. They really put a smile on your face with their crazy, funny antics:
    Maniac 3 year old male:

    Spurr a 3 year old male:

    Biggie, a 5-6 year old female:
    (she's the dark one on top, the bottom is my RB heart boy Chaos)

    Skeet, 6-7 year old female:

    To be continued.......
    Soar high & free my sweet fur angels. I love you Nanook & Raustyk... forever & ever.

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    Upstate NY
    Charmin, a female hamster who is about 5 months of age:

    I also am owned by Kissa, a 2-4 year old dwarf hamster whom I lost the pics to. And also a betta fish, named Fank the Fish & 2 neon tetras whos names are Pete & Repeat.

    There you have it, my current critters. I'd have more if money & time allowed it.
    Soar high & free my sweet fur angels. I love you Nanook & Raustyk... forever & ever.

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    What a nice family you have. Nice to meet them all.

    Thanks Jess for the great sig of my kids!

    I love you baby, passed away 03/04/2008

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    Quite the family you have! Nice to meet everyone!

    Thanks so much kittycats_delight for the beautiful siggy and avatar of my kids!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk
    Lacy(Australian Shepherd)Doc(Border Collie and Tessa (Border Collie[B]

    Rest Well My RB angels,Bandit,Anna and Maggy

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