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Thread: oh yay introductions!

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    oh yay introductions!

    I think a lot of people here already know me, but i've pretty much been lurking around for the last year or so. so its good to introduce myself again. I've been a member of PT since...2001, i think. i could check, but i'm just gonna guess, so if thats wrong, then i'll change it. dont think it really matters though.
    I have a dog named batman, we adopted him in july, so we've had him about 8 months. he's a black lab mix, i'm pretty sure he's lab/golden. and he's awesome! also i have a lop eared rabbit named cadbury. he's pretty cool, we've had him for about 6 years i think.
    now about me: i'm 16, i dont have my license yet and i like school. i'm one of those kids that everybody thinks is all cool, but really deep down i'm pretty much the same as i was when i was 6. and like to sit around watchign cartoons and i like to bake. and i love sports. i'm a high jumper and thats pretty much my favorite thing in the whole world and i really want to get a scholarship to college for it.
    and thats all i can really think of now, and i'm about to be late for school. (you know you have an addiction're missing school to go on PT) hmm..maybe we should start the PTA -pet talkers annoymous.

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    Yep, you are a true Pet Talker, jumping on to see what is going on every chance you get even if it does mean being late for school (not that we want you to miss even one minute of school). I remember when you got that handsome Batman, and I hope once track and school are over for the year you will get a chance to share him with us more often.

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