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  • yes, my cat/some/all of my cats beg(s) for food

    7 31.82%
  • yes, my dog/some/all of my dogs beg(s) for food

    16 72.73%
  • no, my cat/some/all of my cats do(es) not beg for food

    4 18.18%
  • no, my dog/some/all of my dogs do(es) not beg for food

    3 13.64%
  • I do not have a cat

    1 4.55%
  • I do not have a dog

    0 0%
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Thread: Does your cat/dog beg for food?

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    Does your cat/dog beg for food?

    a curiosity poll

    I know lots of dogs beg for food - I wonder if cats are the same.

    It's a multiple choice, please tick all that are appropriate.


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    All of mine except for Tango beg for food. Tango will sometimes, but she'd rather be chasing a None of them beg from me because they know I hate it, but they do beg from everyone else in the family.
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    Mine were tought from pups to not beg at the table.We never feed them at the table so they dont beg We learned that after we fed our RB dalmatian at the table

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    The dogs...definately...Mini even sits at the table while we eat We tried for a while not to feed them at the table but my dad can't stop And you can tell he feeds them because they all swarm around him

    And the cats...they usually only will beg around breakfast time. Sometimes the kittens will climb on your lap to look at your food

    Lets just say people don't eat over very often

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    yesh a very special cat he's doing it right now. he just ate his dinner but now wants some dry food so he's meawing. since I left him in the kitchen and came to the computer he came after me snorring meawing and complaining and now he's staring at me right next to the laptop giving me "the look"

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    ALL the time!!!!!!

    I have a Chiweiner-Chihuahua and Weiner (Daschund) mix named Angel. My brother has Angel's brother (Duke). My mom has a Miniature Pinscher (Kandi).

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    Ooops, I voted for cats instead of dogs

    Anyways, Anita begs for food, especially for cheese... She knows that there's always cheese in our fridge, and she will beg for it every night, and she doesn't stop until you give her some...
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    Only Frisk and Ethan beg... Skylar hasn't picked up that habit yet!
    I forgot to vote for cats!! Khaith usually doesn't beg, but Melani sometimes does at suppertime.

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    MooShoo is a royal pain in the butt when I'm trying to eat my meals!! He is relentlessly in my face. Like right now I'm eating leftover fish and chips for lunch and he will NOT leave me alone!!!! UGH!

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    I accidentally voted as if I have cats, which I don't.

    Mandy begs from everyone, even though I don't feed her from my plate. The other two beg from the men, my mom and I know not to feed from the table (the guys do too but they won't stop )

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