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Thread: Golden lovers HELP

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    Golden lovers HELP

    Can anyone help this senior she is in a kill shelter that is full to bursting.
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    I saw this at GR, Flip. I do hope you will have some success in placing her, quickly. Keep us posted. I'm far away and no help.


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    8 yrs is really not that old for a Golden. Poor sweet girl. I do hope
    she finds a real home.
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    Oh my god, I am in love. But my parents probubly wouldn't be They don't really like the idea of taking a dog with medical needs in, I don't know why, they just don't. Flip has missing hair that may need medical care, and he doesn't look like the healthiest old boy. I would take him in if I lived by myself... but I live with my parents, so I can't. I hope he finds the best of homes!

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    Thankfully I got her into a golden rescue, she had mange but it is treatable.
    i am waiting for an update,

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    thats good!Atleast she's safe now. Poor girl,she looks very sweet.

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