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Thread: Ice Cubes

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    Ice Cubes

    tonight I gave both Emma and Louise an ice cube, and they were so funny, they would try to pick it up in their mouth, tried to lick it, bat it, then they would shake & lick their paws, they would go to the other ones cube, and look at it, like "what is this thing?"
    when the cubes had melted, they looked around like, hey where did it go??? it left a mess on the floor!!

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    We have an ice dispenser in the door of our fridge, and sometimes it just throws one out on the floor. (gets it from the Abys!) Ice cubes skid and skate over the floor in a fashion that ours find highly entertaining.

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    L O L !!!!!

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    Originally posted by luvdemabys
    ... sometimes it just throws one out on the floor. (gets it from the Abys!) ...
    Classic! LOL!!!
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    My babies like ice cubes too. I usually give ice cubes to them as a treat in the summer (or if I accidentally drop one when I'm getting them from my ice dispenser in the freezer). Sometimes I'll put some in their water bowls and they like pawing at those floaters LOL

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