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Thread: good web place

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    good web place

    We have decided that Tim needs a website for his wood working. Just to try it, what are some of your favorite free site places.? After we see if it's worth it we will get one that we pay for but to just test the water.
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    welll geocities with yahoo, but it's not so good
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    I like geocities with yahoo to..

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    Most free web sights have pop ups which discourage a lot of people from going. I avoid sights with pop ups too. They are not expensive to get a paid one for say 6 months to try it.

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    I have tried about five so far and my favorites are and you can go to my sites there to see the amount of popup ads. (sometimes has link problems) (not done yet)

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    Thanks guys I just remebered that with my cable acess I have 3 email and 1 web site avalable I'll have to check in to it. But keep the ideas coming any way just in case.
    I have a popup blocker on my computer doesn't every one? If not get it it is worth every penny (mines free with my cable)
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    I could host you on my domain ( if you'd like.. you'd get a subdomain ( I pay for lots of space and bandwidth every month but I never come close to using it all.

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    This place looks great! I did a thread on it in October and forgot about it. I meant to try it out. Plus, seems they really like dogs, too.

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