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Thread: Help with barking dog

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    Question Help with barking dog

    Any ideas how to get my dog to stop barking at every little noise?

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    Help with barking dog

    First of all Welcome to Pet Talk & enjoy all the pictures & talks..
    Second of all I do understand about that barking think due to my Brandy is the worst.. Most of the time I just tell her no no & she hushes.. Other times I put out treats & toys for her to have to find & that keeps her out of sight/out of mind on the barking.. She is so intailed with finding the treats & toys that she forgets what she was barking at or for..

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    I don't think that will help we actually tried that. He just looks at me and my mom like we have two heads.

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    Mostly, problem barkers bark because they are bored. Accustomed to a lot of attention, they don't know how to behave when alone. More often than not, we have set this up ourselves. We want our dogs to be happy, so we spoil them: our dogs get treats and petting whenever they wish. It is entirely normal for owners to act this way and entirely normal for dogs to complain when they feel neglected.

    First of all, your dog must learn that barking for your attention doesn't work. If your dog is unhappy outdoors and barking eventually makes you bring him in, he learns that barking gets results. If barking makes you yell at him, well, that's better than nothing. "I'm bored. Maybe I can get them to yell at me again." Although yelling doesn't work, negative reinforcement can still be useful.

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