Today someone a number of us know as a cheerful, giving guy may be taking the stand as the defense lawyer has his day in court.

I won't provide links - but late in 2007, he was driving a truck that drove crazily and way too fast for a few minutes, and collided with the back of a car stopped at a red light. A man, his fiance, his two kids and their 16 month old, were all killed.

The horror the witnesses saw, the tragedy - the families of the victims - it's unimaginable what happened.

For those of us that know the driver, we not only were horrified by the accident, but shocked that someone we knew and liked was at the wheel.

Leaving the question of drinking aside - which is denied by defense counsel and our friend - the question of why was he driving like a deranged maniac is on the minds of all sides in this.

This fellow had a totally clean record, was a professional driver, the company's best (said his boss).

Please pray that justice is truly done, and for the families of both sides. Until someone you know is accused of something like this, you don't see how THEIR family suffers also. His wife couldn't go out shopping for groceries as people would harrass her and get in her face.

Prayers please for justice all around, and especially truth. And healing for all.