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Thread: How many animals are you currently Mom or Dad to? What and Who are they?

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    Feb 2002
    Kansas, USA

    How many animals are you currently Mom or Dad to? What and Who are they?

    With so many new members I thought it would be nice to note our fur kids. I have 4 cats:
    Leroy, the senior citizen. About 15 years old. He is a black with gray tabby.
    Leonardo, is my bottle baby. I had to bottle feed him after his mother abandoned him at about 10 days old. He is now turning 12 in August. He is also a black and gray tabby but has long hair. He tends to be a bully.
    Luke, is the sweet one of the bunch. He is very gentle and a little timid but does posses a loud mouth and is not afraid to use it when it suits his purpose. He is 10 years old now. He is orange and white. He is a short hair.
    Chester is my newest baby. He will be 2 soon. He is a black cat with just about 10 white hairs on his tummy between his hind legs.
    He has short hair. He is the clown of the bunch. Everything is still new to him and MUST be checked out when possible.

    Now how about your babies?

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    Feb 2001
    Lawrenceville, Ga, USA
    I am dad to 4 cats and 3 dogs. Here they are in avatar order:

    Eli (collie/lab mix big puppy)
    Jackson (maine coon cat)
    Sassee (beagle dog)
    Rosie (domestic short-hair cat)
    Twidgit (domestic short-hair cat)
    Ashton (domestic medium-hair cat)
    Ginger (half beagle/half ??? dog)
    Scott is owned by 5 cats: Jackson, Fluffy, Twidgit, Ashton, Lexi;
    and 3 dogs: Eli, Sassee, Ginger

    Fuzzy317's Pictures

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    Jan 2002
    New England, USA
    I am a mommy to:
    Sam, My gerbil (6 months)
    Scruffy, My muscovy duck (3-4 years)
    Tweety and Rocky, my zebra finches. (2 years)

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    Nov 2001
    Born in Scotland, live in England UK
    I am mum to six and sometimes foster mum to others as I am a pet sitter - but here are my own pets:

    Cat called Tatty, aged nine
    Cat called Max, aged seven (almost)
    Rabbit called Fi Bunny aged 1 yr and 1 month- she is mum to
    Rabbit called Ebony aged 5 months
    Rabbit called Twinkle aged 5 months and last but not least
    Rabbit called Cadbury also 5 months

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    Mar 2002
    Ohio, USA
    I am mother to a 10 1/2 yr old male Rottweiler-"Angus"
    a 10 1/2 mo. old female Siberian Husky-"Roxey"

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    Feb 2001
    Greenville, SC, USA
    My name is "Mother Earth" and I have the following:

    Honey = Golden Retriever girl, who was 3 in December
    Lilly= Golden Retriever girl (Honey's half sister), who will be 3 on 4/14 (Happy Birthday, Lilly)
    Mimi=my "senior" girl, a cat who will be 13 years old in June. She is "top cat" at this house, a regular princess
    Butter=my challenging stray cat; he is not a stray any longer, having joined us over a year ago. He is here to stay.
    Olivia=our little hamster that we got in July of 2001, after the tragic death of our Evelyn Hamster. She had a bad ending.......and the dogs felt bad. Mom felt worse.
    Roger Cockatiel=Helen's birthday gift for her 11th birthday. He is such a joy......and is so talented too!!!
    Willy Cockatiel=whose name is probably a bit deceiving.....we think "he" is a "she" as of this afternoon

    That's it.........for now!!!! LOL!!!

    Well Duh........I forgot the most important child I have!!! My skin kid!!! HELEN!!!!!!!
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    Drama Queen Rehab
    Originally posted by Logan
    That's it.........for now!!!!
    I like those last words!

    I am owned by Miz Sophie Bunny a blk., one-and-a-half-yr-old mini lop (possibly holland-lop).

    Other family (at my parents' house) pets include:
    many, many fish
    Sara the 3yr old Boxer
    Tinkerbelle (aka Tink or Tinker) the 8 yr old himmie/ragdoll look alike
    Clarice the 9yr old siamese/tabby (mother to Tinker)
    Oreo the 2 yr old (?) gerbil

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    Georgia, USA
    I AM MOMMY TO..........


    Tinky is my baby!! She is the sweetest most loving cat in the whole world!! She loves to be held and petted and rubbs her little face all over everything. She loves to purr, she is always purring!! She loves to lay on me. She takes a nap ON me every day and sits in my lap to bathe! Tinky loves to play kombat kitty in the hallway, and has a favorite ball. She has just turned six months old.


    Jupiter is my newest kitty. He is a very sweet boy but real shy at times! He is kinda sciddish about being petted unless he comes up to you and asks for it. He loves to eat and makes a big mess of his water. Jupiter loves to play and runs around like mad. He loves to play with the ball go round and the catnip mouse. I am so happy he has come to live with us. He has just turned six months old too.

    Alden is here!!
    7/6/2006 - 9 pounds 9 ounces 22 inches


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    Apr 2002
    Juneau, Alaska
    Milo, Max and Pepper Ann my 3 kitties!

    Milo is a girl and is what they call a tortie siamese

    Max is the boy and is a seal point siamese

    Pepper is a long hair tortie...

    They are siblings. 12 weeks old. The biggest doll babies you will ever find... They love everyone (well except Max, he hates my sister)
    All 3 love to be held and are huge purr'rs. Once I thought my dh ummmmm burped and it was Pepper purring hello in the phone *lol* when she heard my voice.

    ~~~Rachel in Alaska
    Mom to "Max, Milo and Pepper Ann" 11.5 month old Teenagers
    updated 10/30/02

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    May 2001
    I am mom to

    Sadie May- Black Labrador Retriever
    Fish- Lots, and lots of them!

    Sarah & Sadie

    Kaitlyn (the human)
    Sadie & Rita (Forever in Our Hearts) (the Labbies)

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    Jan 2002
    Olympic Peninsula,Washington
    I am Mom to 1 VERY LOUD Corgi, Louie. 3yrs.Old
    and 2 Meezers: Mocha Bean- 7yrs and Garbonzo Bean-- 6yrs....oh and one 41yr old Husband!

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    Ann Arbor, MI USA

    Never too many

    My zoo is comprised of 5 bunnies, 4 of whom live together in harmony on the first floor: Chocolate is a Rex rabbit and the absolute color of a hersey bar and is the care taker of the bunch; Miss Emma, is a holland lop and a big girl at 6 lbs; Velvet, is my main man, also a holland lop and the sweetest bunny. He was rescued and he is so mellow I could probably dress himup in doll clothes and he wouldn't blink; and Robbie,is a drawf holland and boy # 2 of the First Floor Gang.

    Bunny # 5 is also known as The Brat, is Daisy aka Mr. Daisy who was mis-sexed by the vet and then it was too late to change his name. He lives in splendid isolation on the 2nd floor with a stuffed kitty as he has decided he wants to be an only child and fights terribly with the others.

    Then there's Pepper the hamster and Dusty the cat.

    The problem with working at a sanctuary is that I want to bring everybody home with me. Right now I'm fighting with myself as there are 2 really great bunnies who need a home at the sanctuary......... HHHhhhhhmmmmmm......

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    Milan, Italy
    I have 3 cats

    Prema, (almost) 4 year old black female (slightly disabled) cat. I know I shouldn't say this but even though I love all of them to pieces, I have a particularly soft spot for her. She's also one of the best behaved cat I've ever had.

    Maya (almost) 5 year old female calico. She's the strangest cat I ever had. We call her our Florence Nightingale. She can be as stubborn as hell but is also capable of extreme tenderness when she feels like it.

    Foxy, almost 9 months old male cat. He is the latest addition and was adopted shortly after my 19 year old cat went to the RB. We think hs is a maine coon mix. His got a lovely bushy tail, and has some black, grey, white and beige in him (I call him my failed attempt at adopting a grey cat )

    Pictures to follow

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    YAY Gio, yes yes, pictures!!!!!!
    And we have two cats, Casper and Kitty.
    Casper is almost completely black, he's got some white in his chest. Kitty is tabby. They will turn 1 year in May.Here's a pic of them

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    Off to the races....
    Sadie's Dad and I are the proud parents of

    Sadie a 1 1/2 year old black lab/dalmation mix
    Cincy a 6 month old black lab mix (maybe beagle?)

    And three fish, a kissing gourimi, a long fin, zebra striped danio and a plecto.

    Oreo, a 12 1/2 year old beagle/poodle mix lives with my parents, but I still consider her my baby too!

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