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Thread: Tiger is very sick today

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    Tiger is very sick today

    She was not too well this morning. But this evening she is barfing up nothing -similiar to the "dry heaves". Poor kitty, she is so weak from being sick that all she did today was sleep. If she is not better by morning, I'm taking her to the vets.


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    That's no fun. Hope you are feeling better real soon, sweet fur-girl...

    Please keep us posted, Wayne. Prayers are going out for your little girl from us here.
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    Let us hope Tiger is just trying to dislodge a stubborn hairball . . . our thoughts are with you both . . . the vet should be able to discover the cause . . . poor Tiger. [/SIZE]

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    I hope she will be ok, Wayne. Is she still eating and drinking? I think drinking is the most important! Update us tomorrow and let us know how she is.


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    The Beans say...

    POOR TIGER! You get well soon, sweetie.

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    I hope that there is nothing seriously wrong : Please keep us posted.

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    Hope you are feeling better today dear Tiger!! Wayne, please let us know asap! Hugs to you Tiger! Love Sandra, Mr. B and Oliver

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    I was up at 3 AM with her this morning as she was sleeping with me on the bed in the fold of the covers to keep warm. Last night I gave her a tummy rub, which she obviously enjoyed. It sounded as though her little systme is clogged up. this morning I tried to get her to take a few laps of chicken soup. She refused that. then I gave her a small can of her favorite fish dinner cat food, which she kept looking at and then managed to take a few laps of that. However, she continues to not eat anything and that the smell of food makes her nauseated. Finally, I got her to eat a few bits of hair-ball medicine, and then had to syringe feed her water, because she wouldn't drink. I hope this begins her healing as now she constantly has this "dry heaves" problem and apparently can't keep anything down.

    Your concerns are certainly appreciated and I will keep everyone updated on her recovery. thanks all,

    (For those unfamilair with my menagerie, Snow Tiger is my little lynx-point Siamese, that I got from some girls who were trying to get rid of a litter of kittens last Halloween week-end. She was the last one they had, or otherwise I would have taken the others like her also. She is a special kitty and has the unique ability to get along with all of my furkids without fussing.)

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    Wayne! Sorry to hear Tiger is feeling so bad! I'm praying that she will get better very soon. You seem to be doing all the right things for her. Please keep us posted!

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    The Vet!

    Wayne, if I were you I would at least call the Vet. Did you check her mouth to see if she might have a sore in it or something caught? Cats can't go very long without drinking so I would start to worry - if she isn't eating or drinking. Keep us posted. Hope all turns out just fine.

    P. S. I have discovered that it is sometime cheaper to figure out the problem early on, rather than let it get out of control, thus I recommend a visit to the Vet. But of course, it is your call.

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Oh Wayne, so sorry to hear about poor little Tiger. Prayers and thoughts go out to her and please keep us updated.

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    I hope Tiger is feeling better. Fingers and paws all crossed here for her too. Please keep us posted.

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    Oh poor Tiger - I do hope she's feeling much better by now. Her little tummy must feel so sore with all that heaving. Poor

    Good luck Wayne - let us know if a vets visit is needed.

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    An update on Tiger.

    I returned from the vets about noon today. He checked her all over, even for feline FIV and HIV. Both tests were negative. Next, he gently pushed on her tummy and neck. And then he said that she is having a bout with URI and it was affecting her bronchial areas. This accounts for the "dry heaves" because the problem is not in her stomach but in her throat, which he also said is probably irritated from all the hacking and barfing. He also checked for any foreign thing that she may have gotten lodged in her throat, and again, this turned up negative. She is slowly regaining strength and is beginning to eat more. He gave me some antibiotics to give her, which is proving more difficult than originally expected.

    I must add that her eyes were telling me everything that she was experiencing. Her big blue eyes with her tabby markings on her forehead are the most revealing of emotion and feelings of any cat that I have had in the past. On the way to the vets, her look was one of stark fear as this was her second ride in a vehicle. Although, she didn't cry much on the way and conducted herself like a little lady in the vet's office, her eyes are most revealing. But it is amazing how she obeys, as I was telling her to "lay down" which she did while riding in her pet carrier. The look in her eyes was enough to make one want to cuddle her with reassurance. I will keep her on the vet'- recommended diet of watered-down canned cat food, and the antibiotics. Does any one have any ideas as to how I can get her to take the antibiotic meds without having to "fight" her?


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