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Thread: Fostering 3 Week Old Kittens!

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    Fostering 3 Week Old Kittens!

    gosh here I am,writing another message..but while I was writing the other one, I got a call, they have 3 - 3week old kittens with no mother, they asked if I could foster them, of course I said yes, I am crazy, I must be! But I can't help it. I am putting the gate/door up today, and these kittens will be in the bathroom, where Emma and Louise were, they will need alot of care...wish me luck

    am I out of my mind??

    I will post pics

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    Oh how sweet!! Kittens!!! Yes!! Definitely post some pics and good luck with this endeaver! It will probably wear you out, but will be very rewarding. Bless your heart!

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    Oh How exciting!! Are you picking them up today? What happened to mom with 3 week old kittens I wonder? Good luck! Post pics and keep uus updated. (When you find the time that is....! )

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    I don't know what happend to the mother. but I will keep u all posted, as you can probably tell, I have too much time, on here alot!! I am excited about it, and nervous, caring for such young kittens...

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    You're so lucky!! Being the foster parents of kitties are one of the greatest things ever... I had sooooo much fun taking care of mine

    Good luck and have a great time (I know you will)!

    Please sign my guestbook if you have the time

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    Good luck!!! I love baby kitties!

    ~~~Rachel in Alaska
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    Hope everything goes well TC 3 x 3week old furbabies will be such hard and FUN work won't they? Wish you tons and tons of LUCK. ENJOY!!!!


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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Oh how sweet. 3 little bitty kitties. Good luck, and you never know, bringing even more kitties into the house might just mellow Muffin out a little. She might realize there's nothing she can do but put up with them. And then when the 3 little ones are adopted, she'll be happy that all she has to put up with are Emma and Louise.

    The more pictures the better!

    PS - Ann, the pictures of your little tiny teeny little kitties are soooo cute!!! They are so precious and vulnerable at that age. Toughcookie, you're going to have a great time with your 3, but I think you're going to have a tough time when it comes to giving them up. I know I would have 3 more cats on my hands if I took in 3 like these.
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    thanks, I loved reading your story! I know it will be sad to give them away, but if they are to good homes, then I know I have helped..I would have given the 2 I have, away but I just could not bare to see them separated, and I think at 6 months, and as scared of people as they were, that would have happend. so, now I have 3 cats... soon to get the other 3 kittens, in a day or 2...
    and I am very glad I did keep the other 2.I could never give them away now, they are so at home here now.

    it is so sad about the little one that didnt make it. I will send u a link to my Cookies page, I don't have it on this computer. I just had her put to sleep last feb..

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    Good luck and no you are not out of your mind.

    Last summer my sister had a 2 week old and a 5 days old for about ten days (she could not take more time off work and she was just standing in for another of the volunteers at the shelter). It was hard work but so rewarding . Luckily she lives at a 5 minutes walk from me, she never received so many visits from me as she did then

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