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Thread: And "Edith" (now "Dottie") makes FOUR cats (or SIX pets)!

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    And "Edith" (now "Dottie") makes FOUR cats (or SIX pets)!

    We just officially adopted our little "foster" baby, "Edith" from the Humane Society! We didn't have the heart to take her back there and lock her up in a cage, so she's been with us since I brought her home "for 10 days while she took antibiotics" in early December.

    As many of you know, we'd had her and her sister BOTH here before that, and had returned them to the HS once already. The sister was adopted the same day I took them back the first time. I couldn't stand it after about four days, so went to check on her and ended up bringing her back home again in early December because she was being treated for an upper respiritory infection. It was only supposed to be until she finished the antibiotics. But she kept on sneezing, and had to go through TWO more courses of Clavamox, and in the process she stole our hearts!

    The Humane Society called yesterday and said they had someone come in and ask about her, and wanting to see her. So I made arrangements to take her over there today to meet this prospective family, and possibly turn her over to them. My husband couldn't stand to do it himself, or to go with, so I did it myself. I told her on the way over that one way or another she would have her "furever" family by the end of today. I prayed that whatever was meant to be would happen, and that I would have my answer before I left there today.

    This wonderful family--parents and a girl and a boy--were all there waiting to see her when I got her there. Dottie was scared and didn't want to be held much, and as I was talking to this family I could tell that they would be WONDERFUL for her. But they all huddled together to discuss it, and then told me that they woudn't want to take Dottie away from us, and they could tell that she is already in a good home where she is loved and wanted, so they would let us go ahead and take her, and they would look for, and adopt, a DIFFERENT kitty from the Humane Society!

    SO now I have failed "Fostering" once again, but I have this very lovable, beautiful little girl as a result! My husband was elated when I brought her back home and told him the news. I haven't told my son yet, because he's still at work, but I'm sure he'll be very happy about it, too.

    We named her "Dottie" because of her coloring, and especially because of the HUGE black "dot" on her chin. I'll get some pictures of her uploaded and posted here pretty soon. I just couldn't wait to spill this news!

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