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    Ghost Dog

    This is the town that I live in. I have walked the woods and roads and have never seen this ghost dog. He was last seen in the next town over - Raymond. I hope they find him because I'm so afraid he'll be hit by a car or shot by a hunter. Please send good vibes Sams way. Thanks.

    NBC loves a ‘Ghost’ story

    Candia — The saga of Sam, a runaway golden retriever who has made the forests of a half-dozen greater Manchester towns his home for the past 18 months, could soon be telecast to millions of families across the nation, owners Dennis and Peggy Sklarski said this week.

    The couple, who adopted the abused and neglected dog in April 2004, awoke on the first morning of 2006 to find that the story of their dog with a talent for eluding police and animal control officials had reached producers of NBC’s “Today” show.

    The Sklarskis said they were initially shocked by the New Year’s Day call from a network staffer, but they’ve since had more than a half-dozen phone conversations with show producers who say they’re planning to feature a segment on Sam.

    The request comes at a time when the couple and others involved say they’re preparing to deploy high-tech gadgets such as a remote-control drop-net in the hopes of finally catching Sam. Dennis said the network staff has so far indicated that they’re planning to send a camera crew to the Granite State so the Sklarskis can be interviewed.

    “Right now, they’re really anxious to do it,” Dennis said. “I really hope this helps bring attention to the plight of neglected and abused animals. Maybe it’s been Sam’s mission all along to do this to wake people up.”

    New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals investigator Steve Sprowl, who’s led the charge to rein in the dog dubbed the “Golden Ghost,” said he, too, has fielded calls this week from “Today Show” officials. Sprowl said the live interview might take place in about a week.

    “I’m surprised that anyone outside of New Hampshire is interested, because most people would say ‘It’s only a dog, what’s the big deal?’ ” Sprowl said. “But to us, this is very important.”

    Sam was last seen Friday in Raymond near Jennifer Lane. Although the dog may get into unattended garbage, he is not known to pose a threat to children, property or domestic animals and will run at the sight of a person. Anyone who has seen Sam is asked to call Sprowl at 674-9836 or Sklarski at 785-7920.

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    I'm happy to report that after over 2 years on the loose, the Golden Ghost has been captured by the local SPCA. I hope they'll be able to recondition him to be used to people and will be a happy, healthy dog. Please send good thoughts this dogs way.
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    Wow, that's great! I hope the ghost dog does well. Pawsitive thoughts headed Sams way.
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    Wow. That's very cool! thanks for the update Elizabethann.

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    that's awesome! i love when animals are in the news...only good stuff though! i hope they can catch this dog. if they do the owners definatly need to train the dog to "COME!"
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