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Thread: Mention of Special past pets

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    Unhappy Mention of Special past pets

    I have lost several pets in my lifetime, but there are a few more recent ones I would like to have mention of.

    First is Spike, AKA: Squirmy and Spot. His life was short, and he spent most of it fighting, but he sure was a fighter for sure. I got him at birth, his mother wouldnt nurse him or his brother, and she done nothing but stomp all over them too. His brother only lived a few short days, he just wouldnt take nursing for me, I even got desperate and was tube feeding. He was slipping away though, and I decided to give mom one last chance. He didnt survive the night... But Squirmy was all for feedings and was doing great. When he was 2-3wks old he got very sick. Parvo. He survived it somehow. He was fine for awhile, then began falling ill again, this time it was different. He was around 6 weeks old. It was dignosed as distemper. How this little guy, or me, got both these horrible things is unknown. He had no antibodies from his mother though, so he had nearly no immune system. After fight several weeks, he beat the distemper. The vet gave me warning though, that they are not in the clear for up to 6 weeks after, since it can hide in there nervous system. It was a few days shy of 6 wks exactly, when he became ill yet again. This time it only took a week before it over came his little body. He didnt survive this time. He was supposed to be a boston terrier, I believe he was a boston/french bulldog mix. He came from an aweful kennel I worked at. Here are a few pics of him.....

    Then there was Griffon, we called him Griffie. He was also from the kennel, only he had been purchased. The owner brought him back around 6 months of age. (He was a CKCS ) Her vet believed he had overgrowth of the jaw, making it so he couldnt move his jaw without pain and he had large lumps on both sides. Well I took him home with me, and took him to the vet. Well it only took one look for him to diagnose him. He had juvinial cancer of the lymph nodes. Thats what the large masses were that were causing him pain. We started him on oral chemo. He figured we could give him a good life for a few years at least. It was doing its job and the masses were getting smaller and smaller. Soon he went into remission, in only a matter of months. The day after his diagnosis of remission, I got up in the morning and he wouldnt come out of his crate. I finally got him to and he began coughing up slime. It was really bad, and I knew it. He had caught pneumonia since the chemo killed of his immune system. He only survived that day and dies in the middle of the night. Here are a few pics of him....

    Ther is one more mention I would like to make. For a beautiful, sweet Frenchie from the same kennel. He was a white pied. I had stopped working/visiting the kennel for a period of time. When I left he had a runny nose and seemed to be sleeping a lot. I returned to find him gone. They told me they found him in his crate one morning, just gone. It breaks my heart to know what happened to him. I have a very strong feeling that cold turned into pneumonia and that he probably suffered and died needlessly alone. Its a horrible thought.

    These are a few of those lost. They were all great animals. I wish there death could have been prevented. I tried as hard as I could. I guess things just were not meant to be. As hearbreaking as it can be.

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    I've always felt the ones who die young are the saddest cases of all, they never get to reach their potential. I've had a couple like that myself, you have my sympathy
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    Oh dear I can hardly see their precious, beautiful faces through the tears. God Bless you for all that you did to try and save these precious pups. What horrors animals are sometimes destined to suffer, due to the indifference and neglect of uncaring, heartless humans, is unforgiveable. Thankfully there are people such as you, caring compassionate souls who give of themselves so selflessly, do all in their power to right such wrongs. I'm so sorry very that beautiful little Griffon, Squirmy and Frenchie have left for the Bridge before their time. But thankfully, during their short lives, thanks to you, they felt the loving hand and knew the warm heart of a wonderful person such as you. They left this earth knowing pure, unconditional love. There is certainly a special place in heaven for a person such as you, just as there is for precious Griffon, Squirmy and Frenchie. Heaftfelt thanks to you and God bless all of those you have helped and all of the suffering creatures in need. Play happy and healthy at the Bridge dear ones and wait patiently for your earthly guardian angel.

    {{{HUGS}}} Sandra

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    Your stories have made me have the dreaded LES (leaky eye syndrome). They all sounded so wonderful, each in their special ways.

    Thank you for sharing their stories with us.


    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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