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Thread: Spike went off-lead for the first time today ... *updated with pic*

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    Spike went off-lead for the first time today ... *updated with pic*

    And was a GOOD BOY!

    As you all know, I've only had Spike a few weeks, and when I got him he pulled on the lead (to the point where he was still strong even when using the Gentle Leader) had practically no recall and couldn't be let off-lead. Now we aren't using the Gentle Leader at all, and he walks almost 100% perfectly and very rarely pulls, if at all. I wasn't planning to let him run loose for at least 6 weeks after getting him, but he's been SO good I thought I'd give it a try.

    Took him and Squids to the fields about 10 minutes away from my house, there's usually a few other dogs there, but it's pretty quiet. Let him off and he was PERFECT. Called him back to me every 10 minutes or so, gave him a treat, and let him 'go play' again, and he came back straight away every time. In fact, I'd say his recall is just as good as any of my other dogs, and I definitely trust him to go off lead again. We were out for about two hours altogether, we had a great time. I've got to walk Toby and Ollie this afternoon.

    Ooh - I nearly forgot to tell you about THE LOG. When I was throwing sticks for Spike and Squids we found a fence post. It was nearly 3 foot long and HEAVY. Spike dropped his stick and was trying to pick it up and I said to him 'Even you aren't going to be able to pick that one up'. Well, not only did he manage to pick it up, but he carried it (and I mean CARRIED, not dragged) around the whole field at full speed! I don't even know how he managed to fit it in his mouth let alone pick it up, but I was kicking myself for not taking the camera with me. He wanted to bring THE LOG home but I didn't want him walking down the road with it. Tomorrow we're going to the same place, so I'll update with pictures of THE LOG ... it's bigger than Squid!

    Sorry ... pointless post
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    Amy & the furkids

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    it wasnt pointless - it was a cute story! I hope you get pictures next time. x

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    I LOVE hearing about your gang. Spike must be really strong to do something like that! Spike good job! KEEP IT UP!
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    Good boy Spike! See how much fun being a good dog can be .

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    Here are Squids and Spike just before their walk

    Amy & the furkids

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    Cute picture. I am so glad to hear that Spike is being such a good boy. My sister has a rottweiller/boxer mix and we always tease him saying that when he goes looking for stickies he comes back with small trees.

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    I don't think its pointless at all! I would love it if my girls had some recall. That would be awesome. Unfortunately mine are very bad about it. We were taking our walk last night and I was trying to work with Tori a bit and I needed to adjust her collar and when I was messing with it she slipped out . Tori is a runner and has no recall at all. I was frantic and near tears. Luckily I was able to catch her after about 30 minuntes.

    Keep up the great work with Spike!

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