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Thread: My boxer ate aluminum foil.....

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    My boxer ate aluminum foil.....

    About three hours ago my full grown (100 lb, fat, lumpy) boxer ate a small ball of aluminum foil that had the scent of food on it. He ate it while we were out of the house. I'd say the ball was a little bit larger than a golf ball. He has stooled twice since the foil was eaten, and they seemed normal. He hasn't had any diarhea, hasn't thrown up, nor acted odd in any way. I was wondering if anyone knew if it is in fact harmful, or if we shold just keep an eye on him and see how he does. Please, if anyone has any knowledge about this, responde.

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    As with many things dogs ingest, this too shall "pass." He may have kind of glittery poop ...

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    Well actually it depends on whether or not he chewed it up, which if so he would most likely be fine, or if he swallowed it whole, in which case it could cause a problem with impaction. It won't digest or get smaller if it was swallowed whole so you will need to watch his poop for it and if he shows any distress have him seen by the vet. If he chewed it up then it should pass, as Karen said.

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    my little doxie is sick and she is at the vet agin i think she ate something like that

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    My Roscoe got into the garbage can once and ate a little bit of foil that I had cooked something in. The vet said he should be fine since he only ate a little, and he was. I think it depends on how much your dog ate and if he swallowed or chewed, as stated above. You might want to call your vet to check though.

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