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Thread: Older kitty in Long Island Needs HELP!!

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    Older kitty in Long Island Needs HELP!!

    As I was browsing the site I came across this listing for an older cat (see below the listing). I've been in contact with this person and trying to help this poor cat. He is FIV/FELV negative but he might be FIP positive either from exposure or through vaccination. The neighbors do put him in the laundry room at night, but the landlord has stressed that if anybody is caught feeding ferals or any other cats, they will be evicted. I guess the tennants and neighbors are very good about letting him stay in the laundry room and they've spent $300 in vet bills to have him checked over. One neighbor cannot keep him in case he is FIP positive as he has other cats and Kris the person I'm in contact with can't afford the cat. It is just heartbreaking that this kitty has to end up on the streets because of heartless owners ,

    If anybody can help, please let me know. I've sent Kris a list of rescues and shelters, but I don't think she has followed through on them.

    Thank you

    OK, I know this is a longshot, but there is a cat in my apartment complex that was dumped outside when his owners moved (they managed to take their new kitten and puppy with them though). The cat is about 12 years old. Has been an indoor cat (I'm assuming his whole life). One day the neighbors moved and put this cat outside and never came back for him. The cat was taken to the vet by one of the neighbors who wanted to take the cat in, but the cat has a white blood cell count of 400? (not sure if that indicates feline aids or feline leukemia) but the cat seems healthy at present and is extremely friendly. Unfortunately, he has cats and can't keep him as he can infect his cats. I can't keep him because I don't have the extra month's security that is required to have a pet. It breaks my heart to see this cat outside sleeping on doorsteps. He needs a home. There are also a lot of strays in the area that this cat can infect, so to save the rest of them from catching this, the cat really needs a home. Like I said, at present he seems healthy. If someone has the heart to let this cat into their homes to live out the rest of his days, please let me know. He is a tabby. Please don't have any cats in your home, I don't want this cat to give anything to your cats. If anyone has the heart to save this cat, please let me know. He didn't deserve the treatment he got from his owner. I don't understand how you can have a cat for 12 years and then one day dump him outside (especially since they took a kitten and puppy with them, so whereever they went pets were allowed). If you know of a rescue group that will take him, I'd be interested in hearing about it as well, even if I have to drive a long way to get him there. Thanks.

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    Long Island Kitty

    GREAT NEWS!! Thanks to the kind hearted people of Save the kitties, ( this kitty has a new home!! He will be going to his new adoptive mommies house tonight. He has tested negative for FIP, FIV/FELV.

    Thank you
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