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Thread: December's book discussion thread

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    December's book discussion thread

    Ok, you guys...I know I suck. I haven't gotten a lot of interest, though, in the book club, but, I should have gone ahead with the plan and we'd already be on a third book. I take full blame for it, and, I apologize. So, I've broken down the book Almita chose for November into chapters and, that's what we're discussing...I have to admit, I haven't read the first few chapters, but, they are open for discussion...I will read the chapters either tonight or tomorrow so that I can post the appropriate questions from the back of the book...I don't want to post questions that go into other chapters, though. So, if you're interested, let's get this going again!

    Chapters 1 through 5 are now open for discussion. The book, of course, is The Second Summer of the Sisterhood.
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    Yay! I'm glad it's back up! I'll get my book back out tomorrow when I'm a little more awake
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    cool sounds fun, i need to go find my copy

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    Am I too late to join in? What is January do we know yet?

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    I'm sorry but I really tried to read it but I guess I'm just to old for it. I'll try next months book .
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    I'm ready to participate...although I admit I read the whole first and second book back in the first week of November!!!

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