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Thread: Scabs everywhere ..

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    Scabs everywhere ..

    I did post about this back in October regarding Abby .. things have changed, though. We absolutely cannot put our finger on this. In October Abby started having little wounds on her back and we had her in to the vet. He decreed that it was not infected and gave us ointment to take home. It took until last week for them to heal -- they appeared to keep re-opening and opening and opening, on and on .. And in the meantime, Onyx started the same problem a couple weeks after Abby did. It doesn't look as if it is allergies or fleas, so .. any ideas, anyone? We're fairly certain that it is not a result of playing with the other cats. Onyx's have gotten awful and more and more scabs keep appearing. They are lumped together along the bone line of her back so I can't help but think they are scraping themselves on something over and over, but we've done a thorough search of the house, especially wehre they hang out, and nothing ...

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    I have no idea what this could be but hopefully you'll be able to find out soon.

    Have you changed the brand of food lately? Maybe it's a food allergy. Good luck and please keep us updated.
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    I have never heard something like that. Could it be an allergy? I hope you'll find out soon.

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    I am as stumped as you are. Wonder what it is?

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    Yes, I am also wondering if it might be an allergy. Hope you find out soon what it is.

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    Any luck??

    Hi! Were you able tofigure out what was wrong?? My little girl has developed these 'scab looking' things under her chin. It started as a tiny dot and now it's kind of growing. I don't know if it's something serious and she certainly does not look uncomfortable. It's just odd.. any ideas? Here's a picture of it below... if anyone has seen something like this I'd really appreciate some advice!!
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    Thanks for all your help,

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    Sounds like yours could be cat pimples? I'm not sure ..

    Abby and Onyx's were AWFUL - big huge red sores and scabs that were definitely not pimples. We never did figure out the cause, but we suspected it was to do with our bed. The metal frame that supports the mattresses has some slightly sharp edges. It didn't seem enough to cause this but I think that's what happened - they would rub on them. We had eliminated every other possible cause so for the bedframe, I took an unused blanket and wrapped the frame in it and then re-set the mattress on the wrapped frame -- presto, problem solved.

    I hope you can find out what's causing yours!

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    Wow, your bed frame was the cause. I would have never figured it out. Amazing!

    csanchezveloso - that does look like feline acne. There have been other cats on this board with that problem.

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