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Thread: "thunderstormaphobia"

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    Angry "thunderstormaphobia"

    The sky becomes dark. The thunder starts rumbling. rain begins to fall.
    Then out comes the beast he has destroyed my screen 7 total times he has ripped apart door after door. please how can i make it stop?

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    Make storms FUN.

    Dogs react to their human's behavior. If your dog is scared during a storm, IGNORE HIM. By babying him or coddling him you're reassuring his fear and basically telling him there IS something to be afraid of.

    Instead, ignore him and make it a fun game. Every time lightning flashes or thunder strikes, get really really excited and maybe give him some treats!! Then every time he hears thunder or sees lightning he'll think its treat time and after awhile shouldn't be so scared anymore!!

    Do you crate? Crates can give your pup a sense of security. It's their "safe" place. During storms try crating your pup and perhaps place a blanket over it and play some soft music in the background


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    Exactly - you need to desensitize him to storms, or provide him some diversion or other place to be or thing to do. What kind of activities does he like normally?

    Oh, and some basics - how old is he, how long have you had him, and what breed?

    And there's the other alternative, or additional measure - we have a great storm door. It has panels of glass for colder weather, and screens for when you want the breezes. But what makes this a great alternative for us is that the glass panels can be raised or lowered - meaning we can always make sure one of the panels is sheilding the bottom part of the screen from the fearsome destructive force we call ....

    Miss Hoppy! Yes, this cute, sweet little bunny makes her own entrance and exit tears in any screen her teeth can get to. Even metal ones!

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    lol.... yes, never baby your dog. he will think "Something's wrong and she doesnt want me to know..."

    everyones suggestions are great and I couldn't add much more to that.


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    There is another way you can desensitize the dog without having to wait for the thunder and lightening. There are sound effect cds that can be purchased. Play the thunderstorm on a very low setting constantly, and increase the volume slowly over time. He'll always hear that sound and then won't be afraid of the real thing.

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    I like every body's suggestions.
    I can do this since we don't have a lot a thunderstorms
    and my dogs are in-house trustworthy.

    My dogs get scared, unless they are inside.
    If I am home, I let them in the house,
    ignore them and go about my business.
    If I have to go out and if the weather man says
    thunderstorms, I let them in the house and leave.
    Before Rocky, I use to leave my female outside, and
    she tried to claw/bite through the back door.
    She ruined a brand new wood door, yet inside the house
    neither dog will damaged anything.
    This works for me, but I realize might not work for others.


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