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Thread: oook, Blair is WEIRD lol

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    oook, Blair is WEIRD lol

    my mom and I are sitting in th eliving room when we suddenly hear Blair runniong up and down the stairs and growling like he is wrestling with another that would seem normal is a house of 5 dogs exept that the other 4 were asleep in the LR with us lol so I walk around to the staircase to see what the heck he is doing, only to watch with running up the stairs with half a tennis ball, dropping it and running down the stairs after it, and every couple of times he would start wrestling over the toy with a non existent dog.. lol he appeared to be loosing my mom was like "well that invisable dog is tough" now I always knew that dog was rather odd, but how does one loose a fight with the air?
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    LMAO wat a weird dog
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    *Pats for Blair* What a silly boy, he has an invisable friend lol.

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    It's always nice to have an invisable friend when all of your friends are sleep!
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    LOL thats funny.


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    You have a very creative and resourceful dog.

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